Looking Back to See How America Will Survive and Thrive in 2016

Written by Larry Usoff on December 29, 2015

I hope you had a great Christmas and Chanukah.   It’s too bad that the good feeling around the end of the year cannot last.   In past years we’ve managed to get to the New Year without too many problems, but 2015 has been a rather bloody year.   Not just domestically, but in other countries as well.   The cancer known as Islam has metastasized and is rapidly consuming the hosts.   As with any aggressive cancer, it has to be stopped, and then eliminated.   With a cancer there sometimes are no choices, the disease has spread too far and the patient is going to die.   My friends, the United States is not going to die.   Period.

Whatever happens in the next year or so, the “don’t know and don’t care” syndrome has to be swept away.  Americans have to come together, as they did in other times of crises, such as World War Two and September 11, 2001.   Why should that patriotism that was all-important then, have died and been supplanted by stupidity?   Yes, I said stupidity.   Americans are being systematically dumbed-down, and spoon-fed Islam on stealth jihad, so that they will accept whatever comes to them in the media.   In a country where one religion is not to be favored over another, Islam is being aggressively pushed in school, from kindergarten all the way to, and through, college.

We lost some pretty good people in 2015.   Robert Loggia, a fine actor…Allen Touissant, Fred Thompson, Al Molinaro from Happy Days, and Maureen O’Hara, just to name a few.  There were, I’m sure, many veterans from the wars that we have fought to keep the world in one piece…and we may never know their names.

The world goes on, as it has, and will…possibly up until the day that some rogue nation, maybe even the United States, drops a nuclear bomb on somebody.   We always look forward to a new year with great expectations and sometimes we even make resolutions…and sometimes we keep them…well, at least a few for a week or so.

Let’s look ahead just a bit and what might we see?  Of course there is the threat of nuclear war just mentioned…there is also the possibility of seeing one of the world’s great diseases exterminated.   You never know which way things are going to go, and it should be interesting to stick around and take note of what transpires.   Back in the 1950’s, they predicted we’d all be flying around in our private aircraft, which were also automobiles…but that hasn’t come to pass.   We have, however, borrowed some things from the military…we have GPS, spray cans of almost anything, and even packaged and frozen meals.  Oh well, not everything can be good, eh?

Looking back from my vantage point of advanced age, it is alarming to see that people are repeating history because they no longer remember it.   True, the gas chambers and ovens are gone from Germany, but anti-Semitism is alive and well, and this time it’s aided by Islamist.   We had the League of Nations for awhile and that fizzled out, to be replaced by the United Nations which, of late, has become a clique of Arab states against “western” nations.   Without the financial support of the United States the UN probably would go bankrupt in short order.  Speaking of bankrupt, that’s where the US of A is headed because of our stupid fiscal policies.  

Imagine that you have an empty wallet and you borrow $100 from one of your friends and there’s an interest charge attached.   Now, you take that $100 and give it to another friend, with no interest attached.   Does that make sense to you?   It doesn’t to me, but in a simplistic manner, that is what we’re doing, but with billions of dollars.   Eventually that friend wants to get his $100 back, with the interest, I would think.  You have made no provisions for repayment and that, also, is part of our government’s fiscal plans, which is to say they have none.

I cannot remember any time during my adult life when the idea that America would not survive ever occurred to me…but, of late, it haunts me.   Where are the Minutemen?   Where are the patriots?   Where are the heroes?   They are out there, I’m sure, but scattered, and that’s not good enough.   We have to become a cohesive force to fight the evil that I believe is already here.   This is no junior varsity team that we face.   This is now a sophisticated enemy using many different weapons, some of which we inadvertently supplied.   The great Satchel Paige used to say, “don’t look back, something might be gainin’ on you”…but once in a while you have to look back to see just how far you’ve come.

Have we come far enough?   Will looking back give us the proper perspective to see and determine what is ahead?  I certainly hope so.

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Larry Usoff
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