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MASS SHOOTING IGNORED BY MEDIA: Was It Because The Suspect Wasn’t …

You know what I love the most about this job? I get to experience the first line of attack from the liberal media and hold a mirror at all their narrative holes. At the same time, it’s also the thing I hate most because the liberal media continues to ignore reality no matter how hard point it out.

Case in point, last week while the networks and Obama sniffers where crawling all over themselves to explain how one lunatic in Colorado with no declared motive is nonetheless the freaking #1 draft pick of pro-lifers and conservatives everywhere, a New Orleans park erupted in gun violence. Oh, what, you didn’t hear about that on MSNBC? The President didn’t interrupt his mid-day jay to address the nation on this horrific Republican-led violence? That might be because even the liberal media has limits to their ability to cram its chosen narrative into everything. Sometimes it’s just easy to ignore all the stuff that doesn’t fit.

In this case, on November 22 what appears to be gang violence- officially labeled “domestic terrorism” – erupted at Bunny Friend Park, injuring 17 otherwise happy park goers. Thankfully none of them were killed. As of today, authorities have one of the suspected shooters, Joseph “Moe” Allen in custody.

What makes this otherwise nationally newsworthy incident thoroughly cooties-infested for the media is that “Moe” is a black, convicted felon who totally unexpectedly ignored his status to illegally obtain firearms to shoot into a crowd. The President and the media weren’t even tempted by the fact that the majority of victims were under 21 and they could have rolled out some “Children are our future, we have to make everything is illegal to protect our babies” hysteria.

What happened in Colorado was a terrible tragedy by a thankfully rare, lone, nutbag whose motives we still don’t know. The media hardly cares about that fact. They’ve got all sorts of yummy motives to slap on the shooter and score some cheap culture points. Sadly, criminal and gang violence is far more common. And all too often by it’s black men wielding the weapon.

Of course, it just doesn’t rev the left’s engines to acknowledge that and admit to the hideous Democrat-spawned government policies they’ve pushed onto black people over the last 50 years. In one sense, you’d think the left would pat themselves on the back for that success, it’s actually a government program that’s worked.

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