Nothing But Sunshine! Trump’s Medical Report Is Hilariously Written, Baffles Doctors

Donald Trump is trumping his competition…even when it comes to his health report. Check this out…

Donald Trump’s doctor appears to be just as bombastic as he is.

It’s the only conclusion to be drawn from a hilariously bizarre letter that the mogul’s doctor—Harold Bornstein—wrote about his yuuuugely terrific health. And the letter raises as many questions as it answers.

Bornstein, a Manhattan gastroenterologist who shared a medical practice with his father, writes he has been Trump’s doctor since 1980. His father, Jacob Bornstein, died in 2010 at the age of 93. But that didn’t stop Trump from Twitter-thanking Bornstein the elder for writing up his letter.

“I am proud to share this health report, written by the highly respected Dr. Jacob Bornstein of Lenox Hill Hospital,” the mogul tweeted, linking to the letter.

For example, he describes Trump’s recent physical exam as “show[ing] only positive results.”

While it’s clear he means to say everything was normal, the word “positive” is an odd use of the term in medicine. Rather, it typically means that some result or finding was present—and those findings aren’t always great news (think testing positive for a disease). The wording is clearly chosen more for rhetorical effect than clear medical communication—and that choice left some experts scratching their heads.

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