PERSUASIVE BUT ABSURD: Beware the Allure of So Many ‘Conspiracy Theories’

Written by Kenn Daily on December 11, 2015

Her consternation was apparent and transparent. The solution, she wrote, was not to secure the border with Mexico, but to subdue the Jews. Donald Trump has it all wrong, she concluded. 

As I considered the Facebook post, my mind revisited the tragic consequences of being suckered into nonsensical conspiracy theories. My Facebook friend was convinced the Zionists were hell-bent on world domination. No other rational solution to anti-Western migration into the United States was worthy of consideration. 

Listening to the Zionist conspiracy theorists, I find they use logic that is common among most inane apocalyptic apologists. “Just put two-and-two together,” they say; then list scores of Jews — such as Leon Trotsky and Karl Marx — who have contributed nothing more than pain and suffering to humanity. The theorists wonder why we aren’t smitten with enlightenment. 

Applying their mindset, I decided to concoct my own inane conspiracy theory: Adolf Hitler and his Third Reich were tools of Zionism to conquer the world. 

Let’s see if it holds water. 

First, Hitler’s speech coach was a Jew. 

Although Hitler’s bravery during the First World War is well documented — he earned the Iron Cross First Class — his superiors were unanimous in their conclusion that the young soldier could never be promoted above corporal. The reason? He lacked leadership skills. 

Fast forward to 1934. 700,000 Nazi Party sympathizers were mesmerized as Adolf Hitler, the corporal who lacked leadership ability, crossed his arms in steadfast defiance at Nuremberg. He gestured with authority as he roundly condemned “der Juden” to thunderous applause amidst unprecedented pageantry.

What made Hitler’s dramatic transformation from young dullard to arguably the world’s most dynamic speaker? A Jewish speaking coach. 

Second, Hitler’s close friend and confidant, Emil Maurice, was a Jew. 

When the SS was formed, Hitler was member no. 1. Maurice, a Jew, was member no. 2. 

Maurice was incarcerated with Hitler at Landsberg Prison after the famed Beer Hall Putsch. It was there that Maurice dictated portions of Hitler’s Mein Kampf and, upon their release, it was Maurice who smuggled the manuscript out of the prison. 

Third, there were at least thirty high-ranking officers with Jewish heritage who served in the Third Reich’s Wehrmacht, or “armed forces”.

Fourth, Hitler advocated the formation of Israel. 

On August 25, 1933 the Haavara Agreement was signed between Germany’s National Socialist government and the Jewish Agency. The agreement allowed Jews to emigrate from Germany to Palestine.

Fifth, Hitler’s inner circle socialized with Jews. 

Haim Arlosoroff, who negotiated the Haavara Agreement on behalf of the Jews, once dated Johanna Maria Magdalena Ritschel who later married Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels and was colloquially known as “Magda” Goebbels.

Sixth, Hitler helped develop the social, cultural, and economic infrastructure of Israel.

Between 1929 and 1938, 250,000 Jews emigrated to Palestine. Most were from Europe including a massive number of professionals, doctors, lawyers and professors from Germany who migrated with the blessings and support of Hitler’s government. The migration resulted in Palestine having the highest per-capita percentage of doctors in the world. Those highly educated, highly skilled professionals added significantly to the cultural and economic foundation of what would become the nation of Israel.

Seventh, Hitler tolerated Jewish communities. 

As the war neared its end, Goebbels lamented in his diary that Hitler had allowed too many Jews to live in Berlin.

In fact, the Reichsvereinigung der Juden in Deutschland (Reich Association of Jews in Germany) was formed in 1939 and survived until June, 1943. 

Let’s put two-and-two together and be enlightened:

• Hitler’s speech coach, Erik Jan Hanussen, was a Jew.
• His close friend, confidant, and inner-circle member, Emil Maurice, was a Jew.
• He openly negotiated with international Zionist leaders.
• He actively advocated the formation of a Jewish state.
• He actively assisted Jewish emigration to Palestine.
• His close inner circle socialized with Jews.
• He tolerated Jewish communities in Germany.
• A significant number of his top military officials were at least part Jewish.

The conclusion?

By “putting two-and-two together” we could conclude that Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich were instruments of Zionism; a part of a vast international Jewish conspiracy to solicit empathy for the plight of Jews, create a Jewish state, then dominate the world.

Sound silly? Of course it does. Why? Because it’s absurd. Hitler was certainly no puppet of an international Zionist conspiracy.

Likewise, the Zionist conspiracy theory is also absurd; so much so, in fact, that even Alex Jones won’t touch it.


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