RESPONDING TO SAN BERNARDINO: Put Your Trust In God And Keep Your Powder Dry

Written by S.C. Sherman on December 6, 2015

As I sit here writing this piece the news outlets, (propaganda purveyors is more accurate) are going ballistic. Yet another shooting in America. An Islamic fanatic, Syed Farook and his sweet bride decided to go Allahu Akbar in San Bernardino killing fourteen and wounding seventeen more. He was no disgruntled employee. He was no crazy, right-wing whacko. We are still learning about this guy, but apparently, he had a garage full of pipe bombs as well. All we know for sure is, that he was a “devout Muslim” and he put on some body armor, attached a GoPro to his head, then took the little woman out to kill a bunch of innocent folks. He shot them in cold blood with a firearm. Another senseless slaughter defining the simple four letter word…evil. Despite this being an obvious act of terrorism, the narrative the press is pushing is guns are the problem.

This Farook used a firearm to slaughter his victims. That firearm, no matter what kind it was, has a trigger. This dirt-bag, pulled that trigger, and ended human lives. Is it the trigger’s fault? Is it the gun’s fault? Is it society’s fault? Is it racial inequality’s fault? Is it GW’s fault? Is it the GOP’s fault? Is it Trump’s fault? Is it the NRA’s fault? Is it Obama’s fault? Is it radical Islam’s fault? Is it the shooters’ abused childhoods fault? Is it Allah’s fault? Is it Israel’s fault? How about Hamas? Or maybe Syria? Definitely ISIS’s fault, am I right? It could be girls-with-uncovered-heads’ fault?

This is too hard to figure out…let’s just stick with the narrative…it’s the guns fault.

Get rid of those guns! It’s only civilized. If we outlaw them, they will go away, right? That didn’t work in Australia or Canada or Europe, but hey, why not try it here. Americans are different. Just admit it. We, quite literally, wouldn’t be here, but for private ownership of weapons. So, you know, we Americans, we really like our guns. We definitely have a soft spot for the lead slingers, the heaters, and the pocket rockets. We love ‘em. I mean really, don’t leave home without it, doesn’t apply to American Express anymore. How much do we love those boom-sticks? A whole bunch. So much so, that enough guns were purchased by American civilians on Black Friday 2015 to arm the entire Marine Corps! Semper Fi! They should change the name to Black Gun Friday! I’d wager a lot of the folks who bought those guns already had some other guns. You can never have too many…kind of like shoes or hats.

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Some people are trying to correlate all of those beautiful, privately owned guns, guns, and more guns to terrorism. When someone opens fire at a school or a theater, it’s terrorism. The guy pulling the trigger could be named Darth Vader or Mohamed al Mufasa, it doesn’t matter. Relating gun ownership to evil is utter nonsense. They don’t relate. Evil existed long before the advent of modern weaponry. Of the more than 200,000 guns that were purchased last Friday none of them committed a terrorist act. Guns are inanimate objects, like rocks. They don’t kill anyone until someone full of ideological religious brainwashing or simply a combination of mental illness, rage, and malice, chambers a round, points it at a victim, and physically pulls the trigger.

Our religion of peace employee of the week, Farook, just pulled the trigger. In California, too! A state where years of liberal Democrat gun control laws have made it all but illegal to own a gun at all. Didn’t angry Farook get the memo? I guess not. California is a gun free state! No mass murdering allowed in California! No armed citizens allowed to protect themselves thanks to their liberal masters, either. However, in California, you are allowed to die on your knees.

Oh, yeah, that brings me to my point, and why Americans are buying guns as fast as we can. We don’t want to go quietly into the good night, like the Parisians. We would rather die with our boots on, like Clint Eastwood or John Wayne or Ronald Reagan or, as my favorite western author, Louis L’Amour once wrote…I’d hate to get killed for lack of shooting back. Shooting back. That’s all we ask. We know it doesn’t guarantee survival, but at least you’re slinging lead as you go down. The number one best way to survive a mass shooting is to kill the perpetrator(s) fast. You can’t shoot back if you’re not armed. We still can arm ourselves in America, but with each of these shootings you can see the two sides digging in a little deeper.

The anti-gunners screaming to get rid of all the guns! (Molon Labe) The 2A crowd buying more guns, just in case. And the politicians riding the wave to whatever the heck they think will keep them in power. As a member of the 2A nut-jobs, my solution is to be prepared for evil to unexpectedly rear its ugly head when I least expect it. I try to be prepared to send a terrorist shooter to his atheist abyss or his Islamic Virgin Orgy or his disgruntled employee level of hell. I don’t care why they are randomly opening fire upon America’s innocent people or my family, I just want to be one of the ones to put that sick SOB down. Put them down like the dogs they are. To do that, I need to be armed, and so do you. If you’re not armed, go arm yourself. Do it now. Thank God the founders of this great country agreed. A tip of the hat to my ancestor, Roger Sherman, who had a hand in writing those docs.

As Oliver Cromwell said, put your trust God, and keep your powder dry.

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S.C. Sherman
S.C. Sherman grew up a farm kid in rural Iowa. He graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Communications Studies. Steve is a business owner, and recently ran for Iowa State House of Representatives.. S.C. enjoys political commentary and great stories. He has written three fiction novels found at He currently lives with his wife and four children in North Liberty, Iowa.


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