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SEN. BOXER Said Something SO STUPID About Gun Control, It Makes OBAMA Look Good

Today, kids, let’s take a break from rolling our eyes at the drooling idiocy blurted out by President Obama. After all, it’s important to remember that- despite some people’s belief- Barak Hussein Obama is not the Alpha and Omega (of liberal stupidity). Some people like Barbara Boxer, Senator of the People’s Republic of California, have way more experience at shrill, tone deaf and incredibly bad timed rhetoric than any old Community Organizer. And today, Babs reminded the world of just that point by standing up (at least, I think she was standing up) less than 24 hours after 14 people we murdered by terrorists in her State to declare California’s strangling gun control regulations are a wonderful success!

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So, to sum up, Barbara Boxer thinks it’s “proven” that gun control laws work in California and I guess no amount of Muslim jihadists skewering Americans is going to convince her otherwise. As usual, Rush Limbaugh brought the light of reality onto the inane deceitfulness of the left’s narrative when he reminded everyone on his Facebook page today that no guns laws would have stopped the San Bernardino tragedy,

“There isn’t a gun control law or any proposed gun control law that would have prevented what happened yesterday in San Bernardino from happening. All the gun control laws that the left has proposed, even confiscating guns, would not have stopped what happened.”

This is true because confiscating guns from law-abiding citizens somehow still won’t keep the weapons from terrorists. But hey just because we can add 2 +2 and get 4 doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be patient with out liberal friends.

Besides the, um, poor timing of Senator Boxer’s statement (but, hey, when the leader of our nation can be just as insensitive on an international platform, I guess it gives permission to everyone else), I admit I enjoyed Senator Boxer’s lecture on what leadership actually is. Yep, Churchill, Patton, Lincoln: all posers. I want to sit at the feet of Barbara Boxer when it comes to filling my sole with leadership wisdom. At least if I do sit at her feet we’ll be able to look eye to eye.

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Thomas Holmes

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