SYED FAROOK REVEALED: A Product of Democrats, Liberals, Progressives

Written by Andrew Allen on December 4, 2015

Recent shootings in Colorado Springs and San Bernardino were terrible events, without question. No sane person can – to be fair, no sane person is trying to — legitimize either incident.

The treatment of each by the mainstream media and the left informs the world of their biases, and things they’d like to hide.

Robert Dear, the Colorado Springs shooter, was still holed up in the Planned Parenthood building when speculation regarding his background and motive began. Surely, we were told, he was one of “them”. One of those bitter clingers, clutching a gun in one hand and praying to his sky god with the other. Probably souped up on right-wing talk radio and Fox News. He must have been a conservative, they salivated, ideally a Tea Party member.

When reports emerged that Dear told police “no more baby parts”, media and the left were ecstatic. Never mind that Dear rambled incoherently during police questioning and probably said all sorts of nutty things. He said “no more baby parts”! Link established. Mission accomplished.

The San Bernardino shooters were treated very differently. Initial reports that a Christmas party had been the subject of the attack were walked back. It was a “holiday” party, not specifically a “Christmas” party; later “holiday party” was replaced with either “meeting” or “gathering” for county employees. (This being California, it is entirely possible that a county Christmas party was advertised as a holiday party in keeping with the state’s PC-extremism). While police searched for the shooters, Barack Obama and a host of leftist political figures played the gun control card.

As news developed, the media sat on Syed Farook’s name for about four hours. Were they taking the time to dig through his background and find some way to portray him as a conservative? Were they scouring every available corner of his life looking for an NRA membership card, attendance at a Tea Party event, or a favorable tweet sent to Ted Cruz? CNN and MSNBC were dutifully reporting locations and status of Planned Parenthood clinics near the Inland Regional Center – no doubt to try and cast Farook as the next Robert Dear. It was so important, in their view, that Farook be a right-winger.

They found nothing. The slow drip drip drip of information identified Farook as a devout Muslim. He had traveled to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and maybe other places. He’d taken a wife somewhere along the way with whom he had an infant daughter. Farook left the child with her grandmother prior to the attack. Police described the Farook home as being an IED factory. The shooters were tactically outfitted, wearing dark blue or black clothing. Some reports indicated they may have worn Go-Pro cameras. The SUV Farook used was a rental he’d picked up several days before the attack.

The media went all out to distance Syed Farook from radical Islam. They theorized:

– It could have been workplace violence. Maybe Farook had an argument with someone at the holiday party. He got so angry he returned with his wife and attacked the party.

– What if he felt excluded being a Muslim at a Christmas-themed party? Did intolerance cause him to react in such a violent way?

– It could have been “workplace jihad”. Workplace jihad? (Reminiscent of “white hispanic). Sure. Maybe he was inspired by radicalized Islam, but an argument at the Christmas party is what actually caused him to act out in a murderous rage.

The unwillingness of media and the left to connect dots and call Syed Farook a radical Muslim terrorist was staggering in its absurdity. Otherwise talented media types appeared to be reporting using pointers from Baghdad Bob’s Big Book Of Journalistic Bullcr@p*. Either:

– The media and the left have so deeply insulated themselves from the real-world they’ve become intellectually incapable of blaming radical Islam for things like the San Bernardino attack.


– The media and the left are so very addicted to a narrative they will use a “by any means necessary” approach to ensure the narrative prevails, facts and truth be da*ned.

As troubling as San Bernardino was, the media and left’s larger worry is the idea of a backlash against Muslims. Even though there is no evidence to suggest that a backlash would occur if Farook was identified as a radical Islamic terrorist. On average, between 100 and 150 documented hate crimes occur each year in the United States against Muslims – the number doesn’t fluctuate all that much year after year. Or another way to look at it, the FBI reports that of religiously oriented hate crimes:

– 62.4% were directed against Jews.

– 11.6% were directed against Muslims.

– 9.0% were against Christians (Catholics and Protestants included).

– 8.6% were directed against other religions.

– 7.5% were directed against faith in general.

– 0.9% were directed against atheists and agnostics.

Even with statistical proof like that, the media is obsessed with the idea of an Islamophobic America. Their obsession is so extreme they can find evidence of it even when it’s not there; their fear is no different than Chicken Little’s running around shouting, “the sky is falling, the sky is falling”.

But they don’t seem to mind a backlash against pro-lifers, Christians, gun owners, the GOP, conservatives, talk radio, the Tea Party, NRA, Fox News, et al. It’s almost as if a backlash against these groups is what they hoped for. Is it any wonder New York Daily News ran “God isn’t fixing this” on their cover the day after San Bernardino?

(Yes, the same media types that implored us to “Pray for Paris” now proclaim “God isn’t fixing this”. One wonders how Obama must feel after he said that San Bernardino is “in our prayers” and then found that media outlets normally favorable towards him didn’t agree.)

A backlash against these groups would be useful for the media and the left. It helps to cover up some key truths about Syed Farook and what happened in San Bernardino. Things like:

– Syed Farook’s neighbors said they noticed “suspicious” activity at Farook’s house, but didn’t say anything because they didn’t want to see him “profiled”.

– He worked for San Bernardino County, and was given time off during his workday to go home so that he could pray. Every day. Multiple times per day. (One wonders, does the County show employees of other faiths the same courtesy?).

– His employer granted him time off so that he could travel to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and other places he visited.

– Redlands, California (where he lived) is disproportionately Democratic in a state that’s well known for it’s left-wing politics.

In other words, for all the co-exist bumperstickers, touchy-feely beliefs in diversity and tolerance, and moral relativism the left has given us, in Syed Farook the end product was a man inspired not to pursue success via the American dream, but to murder in the name of radicalized Islam.

* Baghdad Bob refers to Saddam Hussein’s Information Minister Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf. During the Iraq invasion Sahhaf held media events on the streets of Baghdad where he denied that coalition forces were moving on the Iraqi capitol — even as Coalition forces could be seen and heard near his location moving into Baghdad.

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Andrew Allen
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