The Left’s Racism Strikes Again, This Time Against A HISPANIC Presidential Candidate

Written by Thomas Holmes on December 23, 2015

Ah, the unctuous racism of the leftist elite strikes again. About the only thing the liberal crowd does faster than throwing stones in horrified disgrace at whatever they decide that day is racist, is reveal their own ignorance and racism. In this case, it’s my own hometown birdcage liner, the Washington Post.

As Clash Daily previously reported, WaPo political cartoonist, Ann Telnaes, thought nothing of depicting, Ted Cruz as a monkey grinder and his young daughters as monkeys.


I’m sure Ms. Telnaes had no idea that Senator Cruz and his daughters are of Hispanic heritage. Why would she no or care about such piddling details, she’s only a political cartoonist in the nation’s capital at one of the most important newspapers in the world. The important thing is her subtle-as-a-jackhammer insensitivity isn’t important compared to the larger truth that Senator Cruz and all he stands for is evil. So ya’ know, that makes it okay.

I don’t know that Ms. Telnaes was consciously thinking racism and the Cruz’ Hispanic background when she chose to draw two young girls as trained monkeys. To be fair there are a lot of equally stupid reasons she might have thought she was being brilliant like her defense that Senator Cruz featuring his children in an ad made everything “fair game”.

Even if any of her argument made sense, it only further exposes the racial hypocrisy of the Left. This is, at best, another example of how liberals manipulate racial and cultural mores to proclaim injustice when it suits them. Except, when it suits them to ignore race, or in this case, leverage it to attack people of differing views, like Senator Cruz.

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