These Forgotten Star Wars Actors Are Weekend Warriors of the Sad and Pathetic Kind…But They’re Making It PAY

With all of the Star Wars hype, has anyone wondered what ever happened to the originals?

Almost every weekend, somewhere in the world, Star Wars fans don Jedi robes or put their hair in buns to head to a sci-fi convention.

As well as allowing devotees to indulge in their love of everything Star Wars, it also means jobbing actors who had parts in the original films are now more famous than ever among fans.

Speaking at the recent For the Love of the Force convention in Manchester, some of them spoke about life on the booming convention circuit and how the enduring appeal of Star Wars has provided an unexpected new career.

Dave Prowse is disconcertingly cheerful for the man who was inside Darth Vader’s suit as overawed fans queue to tell him how thrilled they are to meet him. They happily pay £20 for his autograph – twice as much as the lesser cast members in the room.

“Every weekend I’m somewhere different in the world,” he says. “I’ve got shows lined up in America, all over the continent – you name it, I’m going there.

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“I’m more than happy to be recognised as being the ultimate screen villain of all time. I think it’s a wonderful accolade to have. When I did the film, I never thought for one moment that it would snowball into what it has.”

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