They Asked Americans What The Greatest Threat to America Was, The Response Is SHOCKING

If anyone were still scratching their heads, wondering why America’s Official reply to Radical Islam has been so tepid, we have an answer. Obama sees them as a “lesser” enemy.

The jihadist movement responsible for displacing hundreds of thousands of people, for mass beheadings, for selling women and children into sexual slavery, for throwing homosexuals off buildings, and a litany of other horrors is a lesser enemy.

The “greater threat” he fears isn’t any rival nation-state (say, Russia or China) poised to attack militarily or economically. Nor is the threat he fears the shadowy, but effective, technological underground movement known as “Anonymous”.

Nope. The threat he is most concerned with is the religious right. More bluntly, Christians.

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For all the public talk about “his faith” the only people-group he ever seems to muster any rhetoric against are the Christians. (Yes, he takes swipes at constitutionalists, and 2nd Amendment advocates, but they are not identifiable people groups in the same sense.)

In light of a recent poll, this trend actually begins to make sense, in a backwards sort of way.

Why does he see Christians as the greatest threat? Because many of his target demographics see Christianity as more dangerous to America than Islam.

But beneath those numbers, is a bizarre trend. The people who should know better, even some who consider themselves “very Conservative” are sharing the same view. [Note: The pollsters speculated that the recent Planned Parenthood shooting may have influenced these numbers to some degree.]

Who thought Christians were more dangerous to America than Muslims? Here’s a quick summary.

18% of respondents who called themselves “very conservative”

72% of Atheists

29% of Protestants

23% of Catholics

45% of Democrats

36% of Independents

20% of Republicans

10% of Hispanics

18% of Asians

33% of Caucasians

55% of Blacks

Besides that last stat, what was the surprise finding of this study? Relatively small sample size aside, it was interesting to learn that 100% of Muslims in this poll considered Muslims a greater threat to America than Christians.

Is it any wonder why the nation is in such confusion if the very people who are elected to identify and address real threats cannot discern friend from foe? Where’s a Winston Churchill when you really need him?

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