THIS FEMALE JIHADI Obtained a Visa from the DHS…But Should’ve NEVER Gotten One

Can you imagine how many for Syrian terrorists – I mean, refugees – will be able to get through this ‘background check’?

Tashfeen Malik, the female terrorist involved in the San Bernardino attack should have never been granted an American visa if the Immigration and Nationality Act holds any weight.

Malik, who was found to have a Pakistani passport, obtained the K-1 visa in Islamabad, Pakistan. However,American visa laws that are meant to detect potential terror threats trying to infiltrate the country should have blocked the female jihadist from obtaining that visa.

As the Center for Immigration Services notes, Section 214(b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act states that “individuals who appear likely to overstay their temporary visas and try to settle permanently in the United States are not to be issued one.”

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The regulation is meant to detect individuals seeking a visa who do not have permanent families in their home country and whether or not they have enough money to travel back to their home country once their visa is expired.

This screening process is meant to expose individuals trying to to get into the country for the purpose of resettling permanently and overstaying their visa, as so many do.

Nonetheless, Malik was able to obtain a visa in Islamabad despite the screening process which should have detected the fact that she was a young woman resettling in the US to potentially raise a family with her radical jihadist husband Syed Farook.

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