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THIS ‘Refugee’ Lover NOW Says Multiculturalism Is ‘A LIVING LIE’…After DESTROYING Her Country With It

Here’s a story to test that old chestnut, better late than never. It appears that Angela Merkel, the reigning Chancellor of Germany, has had an epiphany. Ms. Merkel now thinks that maybe, just maybe, letting all those Muslim immigrants into Deutschland could have, possibly, been a mistake.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Ms. Merkel announced at her Party’s annual shindig, that multiculturalism was “a living lie” and that if she didn’t act Germany would be overrun with refugees (because it’s clearly not already). Since opening their borders in August, Germany has received over one million immigrants – and yes, let’s call them what they are: immigrants. A refugee is a person displaced from his home who temporarily lives in the closest safe place until he can return. Quick show of hands, faithful readers, who here thinks any of those one million new Germans are ever going back to Syria or Libya of their own volition?

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During her speech, Chancellor Merkel repeated her favorite phrase “we can do this” which presumably changed from meaning “Yes we can accept an entire country of Muslim immigrants, no probs,” to “Yes we can listen to the polls showing my entire Party and country hates my ‘no borders no problem’ policy”. The question remains for Germany and the rest of Europe is whether they can actually put this spill back in the bottle.

Since Germany began receiving immigrants in August other countries including Italy and France have followed suit with dangerous results. Back in November, Clash Daily reported about Muslim immigrates headed to Italy murdering fellow immigrants –who happened to be Christian. And of course, you may have heard of some recent terrorist incidents in France. In reference to Chancellor Merkel’s announcement, the Daily Mail goes on to report, Germany is stepping up their deportation procedures while the European Commission will begin implementing a border and coast guard force.

So that’s how Europe is attempting a major course correction after being all gung-ho with enforced multiculturalism just a few months. I wonder if anyone in America will take the hint?

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