Unpatriotic Idiot Insults Wounded Veteran, So This Wounded Combat Vet SLAMS Him

Written by Omar Avila on December 21, 2015

US Army Master Sgt. Mark Allen is a wounded warrior who was shot in the head on July 8, 2009 by an enemy sniper while searching for coward deserter Bowe Bergdahl. By God’s grace Mark survived, but he cannot speak, is paralyzed and needs constant care.

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The job of an infantryman is a profession that few are willing take, because the moment you are part of the brotherhood, you have to accept the fact that when you get orders to deploy to a combat zone you will either come home alive or you will join our brothers in the Valley of Valhalla. MSG. Mark Allen understood the risk and still performed his job to the best of abilities. He fought our freedom of speech, for every single one of us, and for our beloved nation.

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His amazing wife, Shannon, refuses to leave his side and his children are proud of and love their father unconditionally. In some pictures you can see MSG. Allen smile and you can tell he is happy to be alive; this warrior has the best attitude in life I’ve ever seen.

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MSG. Mark Allen is now being attacked on social media by an unpatriotic idiot from Mexico who lives in Des Moines, Iowa. He goes to say on his Facebook, “Karma is real, this criminal was killing innocent people kids and women.”

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Here’s my message for him:

Dear Unpatriotic Idiot,

If you have never been in our shoes or done what we’ve done, then you have no clue what our job consists of and have no right to call MSG. Mark Allen a ‘child and woman killer.’ I see you came from Mexico and live in our country. I’m going to go on record to speak on behalf of MSG. Allen: you’re welcome for living the American dream, for your freedoms, and you’re welcome that because of men like us, we help you provide your family a better future. We will see if karma is real. Have a blessed day.

Signed, An American Patriot

~SGT. Omar Avila

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