WATCH: This Video Proves Liberal Syrian ‘Refugee’ Sympathizers Are Full of CRAP

The great thing about liberals is that sooner or later they talk themselves into a logic loop that never fails to entertain (too bad we have to suffer through so much terrible policy to get there though). The below video is a perfect case in point of leftist maniacs suddenly seizing up as if the ground they were on really did turn into lava then mentally fleeing when confronted about taking in refugees.

I think my favorite is the clearly ex-hippie, Streisand fan. One minute he’s launching his revisionist exegesis on the Statue of Liberty then the next, when asked to begin the paperwork for bringing the Muslims to his home, he looks over his glasses at the reporter to announce that yeah, I didn’t mean I literally care, per se. Really, for anyone truly paying attention to reality the real shocker in this video is the one young man (not the “street performer”- I don’t think I’d wish even Muslims to suffer life with a juggler or trash can lid abuser or whatever), who actually appeared to fill out the form. At least while he was on screen that guy wasn’t deterred from opening his doors to potential ISIS goons and supporters. It makes me think that Marxist leaders might use this video as a training tool to help the recently indoctrinated distinguish what a useful versus a non-useful idiot looks like.

Still I can appreciate an honest commitment to a cause, especially when comparing it with the rest of the hypocrites in the video. I just would have loved to see that guy’s face and pen screech to a dumbfounded halt as he writes away his safety if he was told that, with 1 in 7 of all refugees sympathetic to ISIS, he has a real chance at taking in a terrorist or terrorist sympathizer.

Watch the video below:

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