‘WHITE CHRISTMAS’ Is Now Being Deemed THIS By The Lunatic Left

Written by Wes Walker on December 22, 2015

As I write this, I’d like to dedicate a steaming-hot cup of STFU to all the self-righteous nanny-state supporters that portray religious-types as the official flag-bearers of American censorship. By today’s standards, the old Church-Lady barely qualifies for the JV team. It takes the authoritarian Left to elevate censorship to the Big Leagues.

A few seasonal (Christmas-themed) stories to illustrate my point. This is not because they’re the ONLY kind of Leftist censorship out there, (there’s plenty) but because they loathe Christmas with a particular ferocity — even when the Christmas-y thing they rage against isn’t remotely religious.

Example: Washington Post put forward an article on “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. This is a song first written when chastity was a value prized, not mocked, and a guy had to say more than “Netfilx and chill” to convince his consort to spend the night. The night? Well, at least long enough to do the nasty.

Seducing the fairer sex took coaxing and finesse. There was interplay, and the cultural expectation that she would “play hard to get”. The dynamic was SUPPOSED to be a cat-and-mouse game, even if she were interested in spending the night, the guy’s gotta win her over first.  That song captures the interplay of that dynamic.  

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The fact that Jessica Contrera interprets the male protagonist’s attempt to win the lady’s consent as “rape” leaves me to ask whether she’s willfully blind or just “slow”. Worse, the fact that she’s calling for the song to be censored or even BANNED demonstrates a dangerously petty authoritarian streak.

Next we have the school that rewrote the Charlie Brown Christmas classic, deleting Linus’s explanation of Christmas. The problem? Scripture was used to explain the true meaning of Christmas. What? The explanation of Christmas tilted Christian? That’s a real head-scratcher.

I suppose, in light of the spoof petition in Yale to repeal the First Amendment (people actually signed), this last one shouldn’t surprise me. It was a similar spoof poll. This one was about Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas”. I bet you can guess where this is going, right?

Anyway, the guy stood up on a campus getting passers-by to sign up for a petition to ban, or change the lyrics to White Christmas. He peppered his pitch with words like “micro-aggression” and “white is good” and racial references like “check your privilege”. A number of students at this university didn’t even hesitate to sign this petition for banning a song from the radio.

What’s the common theme here?

Who is getting the courts involved with Nativity scenes? Who wants internet censorship, Net Neutrality, and other limits of speech they disagree with?

The only “religious” folks wanting censorship are those who have religious zeal in their Progressivism.

Watch the video below:


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