Why You Can Forget About ‘Peace on Earth’ With Our Spineless US Congress and Dangerous Refugees

Written by Larry Usoff on December 22, 2015

First, let’s mention that this is a week or two of supposed “good will toward men”.   The liar-in-chief has said that this is no longer a Christian nation.   That’s a lie, and it’s just one of many that he has uttered.   Because of his proposed fundamental transformation of the United States, about which he warned us…and we were too stupefied to inquire as to what we were being transformed into.   This administration is going about the eradication of pretty much all religion in the United States…with one possible exception.   Do you want to guess which one that might be?

Weapons…and immediately one thinks of guns, right?   Surprise!  A weapon can be a gun, a knife, a baseball bat, a piece of pipe…just about anything that one can think of to do bodily damage to another human being.   Our 2nd Amendment is very clear in its meaning because it protects Americans from the type of government that is developing right before our very eyes…that is, if we have our eyes open.   Apparently, most us do not, or cannot, accept the facts even when they are smacking us in the face.   A loaded gun, of any caliber or type, is not dangerous by itself.   It’s only when a person picks it up and either intends to do harm or does it by accident, as some children have done.  Now, before you start yelling about that last part, guns should not be anywhere that a small child can find it.   There are trigger-locks that will prevent the trigger from being pulled, no matter who the person is and what they have in their minds.

In places where the gun laws are the strictest, and where there are gun-free zones, there is a direct correlation between mayhem and murder by firearms.   An area where guns are strictly prohibited is a virtual killing zone for the person, or persons, who have murder on their minds.   They are reasonably sure that they are in no danger of being shot at because…well, we don’t need to belabor that point.   Criminals, as has been shown, will find a way to get weapons, regardless of what the laws say.   If guns are not available, they’ll use some other weapon, as has been shown in China, Israel and the United Kingdom.   Laws are words written on paper and unless there is something, or someone to enforce them, that’s all they are.

The sitting US Congress, with a Republican majority, was expected to do great things when they were elected.   They have not.   It is obvious, at least to me, that something has taken place shortly after they were elected.  My guess is that the men were emasculated, and the women had female genital mutilation done.   What else would explain the absolute wussification of these so-called members of Congress?   If two people agree on something, one of them is superfluous…so if 535 members of Congress agree, do we need them?   Maybe it’s time for a thorough house(and Senate) cleaning.  If they cannot, or will not, do the job they are elected to do, and to which they swear an oath to do, they should resign.   That should start at the top, because it’s crystal clear that the current occupant of The People’s House is doing what he wants, not what is in the best interests of the American people.

This nation cannot continue doing what it’s been doing because it’s madness.   We are waltzing down the path to our own destruction and both ignorance and apathy are in full flower.   Can you imagine that you’re sitting in your living room, watching TV and then you get up and call the local police station and request that they send you 5 or 6 of the worst people that they have locked up?   That is no more out of the question than is the importation, and giving of benefits, to the so-called “refugees”.   Why did we embark on what has been called the noble experiment, only to see it die at the hands of our own government?

One party, two parties, or ten parties of political stripe…it doesn’t matter, because the savages will take no notice of what you are, except that you are an infidel.

Shall we have peace on earth as a civilized world sees it, or shall it be the peace on earth as Islam sees it?  The latter can only come about when the entire world is under Islamic domination.  

Will the last American leaving the United States please turn out the lights?

Image: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Senate_in_session.jpg

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