WOUNDED COMBAT VET: If the Federal Govt Won’t Enforce Immigration Laws, Then WE WILL

Written by Omar Avila on December 2, 2015

A group of 200 veterans and ex-law enforcement officials have taken it upon themselves to patrol about 600 hundred square miles of the U.S./Mexico border in Arizona.

Good for them.

If the Federal government will not enforce our nation’s immigration laws, then the citizens must do it. And it is ridiculous that it has come to this.

Obama and his administration not only stalwartly refuse to enforce America’s immigration laws, they have even gone so far as to sue the state of Arizona for attempting to enforce the same immigration laws that are being ignored on a Federal level.

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When Paris was attacked by terrorists less than three weeks ago, the first thing France did was to close their borders. With no trace of irony, the Obama administration is urging Turkey to close their border with Syria. Turkey then pointed to the wide-open U.S/Mexico border.

The Obama administration has offered every excuse under the sun for not closing the border:

-It can’t be done

-It’s just women and children

-It’s just migrant-workers

-It’s not that big of a deal

-We don’t want to split up families

-It’s not monetarily feasible (which is about the only thing that Obama doesn’t wan to spend billions of dollars on)

God help these veterans and LEOs if they have to take “kinetic action.” Obama will be frothing at the mouth to prosecute these clearly bigoted, racist xenophobes. (The last four words of that last sentence were sarcasm for those of us who haven’t had our coffee today.)

The American federal government is supposed to look out for the safety and security of Americans. It not only refuses to do that, but it actively works to leave Americans more vulnerable. The time for action is fast approaching.

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