YO, EUROPE: Guess WHO Trained One Of The Paris Terrorists To KILL?

Hey Europe, do you still think Islam isn’t such a big deal? This news will shock you.

An Islamic State gunman involved in the murders of 89 people in central Paris was trained to shoot by the French police, it emerged today.

Samy Amimour, 28, was one of the suicide bombers who also used a Kalashnikov automatic rifle to cause the bloodbath at the Bataclan theatre on November 13.

He was behind a number of coordinated attacks, which saw a total of 130 people killed and some 350 seriously wounded.

Now it has emerged that Amimour, who came from the Paris suburb of Drancy, trained at the police shooting club in the city.

He registered for a gun licence in 2011 and took an initiation course at the club, which has almost 2,500 members, in April 2012.

I-Tele television station today reports that Amimour had no criminal record when he started the course and shaved off his beard so he would not arouse suspicion.

Officers showed Amimour how to use a semi-automatic handgun, using 38 Special and 22 Long Rifle ammunition.

Amimour become known to counter-terrorist agents in 2012 when he was charged with ‘conspiracy to commit terrorism’.

He was accused of trying to get to Yemen, but was later released on bail before travelling to Syria on September 11, 2013.

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