Written by Dave Daubenmire on January 29, 2016

I want to make it very clear right at the top that I am a Ted Cruz supporter. No one has been a more ardent supporter of “conservative values” than me. In fact, I have climbed a rung higher up the ladder than most. I do not identify as a “conservative.” I am a Christian. I rejected the “conservative” label years ago.

They are not the same, you know? If you have time take a moment to read my commentary from 2006 Counterfeit Salt. I take a backseat to no one in regards to my Christian-political bona fides. So don’t play the “you are a sellout” or “you are not a real Christian” or “you are controlled opposition” card on me.

I live out and walk out my Christianity every day on the streets of America. I don’t hide myself inside my prayer closet like so many others choose to do. Here is another commentary I wrote four years later in 2010 called Secular Conservatism. I have been publicly expressing my thoughts in near-weekly columns since 2004. What I have said in the past is available for the world to read. There is a record of where I have stood on the issues. They are all here. There are hundreds for you to read.

I pray I can get out everything I want to express in a few hundred words.

Let me say it again. I am a Ted Cruz supporter but I am not afraid of Donald Trump.

Our political system is broken. It is controlled by evil men…evil forces actually. The Republican Party has been a “pro-life” party since the days of Reagan. We had Reagan, Bush Sr, Bush Jr, and nominees McCain and Romney and the war on the unborn has not abated one iota. Nevertheless I, and millions like me, continued to pull the “conservative” lever in the hopes that at some point the right “Republican” would do the right thing.

Meanwhile, the babies die. Planned Parenthood sells more parts than Auto Zone and EVERY moral issue that matters to me has been trampled underfoot without as much as a whimper from our “conservative Republican” representatives in Washington.

For years we believed that the Republicans would do what our pastors refuse to do…stand up, speak up, and stop the killing of precious, defenseless, innocent little boys and girls created in the image of God. Why would we expect more conviction from politicians than pastors?

At the latest “March for Life” we heard from all of the “pro-life” Republicans who haven’t done a damn thing to stop the killing. Being pro-life is nothing more than a political position….like being “pro-women”…meaningless platitudes.

(I saw a bumper sticker the other day that read Abortion stops a beating heart. How stupid, I thought to myself. Of course it does. You might as well have a bumper sticker stating brushing your teeth freshens your breath. Stating a fact is not a position. If you really believe “abortion stops a beating heart” what are you gonna do about it?)

Vote Republican. Yeah right. By the way, the March for Life was the 43rd March. How’s that marching working out for you? About the same way as voting “pro-life,” I guess. Have the “conservatives been faithful to do what they promised?

Remember, I am a Ted Cruz fan. But I am still waiting for him to issue this statement. “On my first day in office I will issue an executive order prohibiting all abortions in America. In 1973 we did not have the scientific advancements that we have to day and I am commissioning a panel to determine if the child inside the women is a living, human being. Until we have scientific proof we will err on the side of a baby’s right to life.”

Now THAT would be a pro-life President. The Republicans have played us for such fools. We got homosexual marriage on a Republican watch.

So, here is why I could vote for Trump.

We are at a watershed point in the history of America. I actually believe that the battle for Western Civilization is before us. We have not seen an election like this in my lifetime.

Quick. Think what makes up the “Democrat” constituency. Blacks, union workers, low educated, poor, young college women, and Hispanics.

Republican voters consist of, Evangelicals, gun-owners, military hawks, small government, debt conscious, traditional values folks. I hate the term “values voters” because we all vote our values. The problem is we no longer have common values.

Thirty years from now, if something is not done, the flood of immigrants sweeping into this land will change the political landscape forever. The electorate will consist of not only immigrants, but of immigrants that no longer have “American” values. Let’s be honest, the idea of “American” values is being undermined every day in this country. What do you think multi-cultural means? They can’t even speak our language…or understand our system of government…or believe in our Constitution.

A Trump candidacy breaks up the two-party stranglehold that is designed to keep the power elite in power. He has something no other Republican has…the ability to draw together “Americans” from both parties. Ted Cruz can not do that, although, in a perfect world, he is the type of Godly leader we need. But this is not the America we all used to know. Explosive changes are coming to this nation and we have a very short period of time to fix it. Realignment is taking place and we dare not miss this shift.

Let me share this story. One of my high school buddies is a dyed-in-the-wool union Democrat. Over breakfast the other day politics made its way onto our plate.

“Are you voting for Hillary?” I asked him.

“Hell no,” he tersely responded. “I wouldn’t vote for that witch. I’m voting Trump, if I vote at all.”

“Trump?!” I blurted out my coffee. “You’re voting for Trump…a Republican?”

“He ain’t no Republican. Trump is an American. He says what I think. Trump or communism…that’s the way I see it.”

I try to look farther down the road than most. Ted Cruz would be the best President but he cannot break the stranglehold that the Democrats have on minorities. We are asking a segment of our society to break a multi-generational mindset of Democrat loyalty. They won’t vote for Cruz because he is a Republican. It goes against everything they have believed.

But they can vote for Trump because he is an American who happens to be running as a Republican. They can vote for an American without violating their conscience.

Look down the road with me. If the America we all believe in is to survive then we must build a coalition of citizens who hold American values.

That coalition must consist of “Americans”…blacks, union workers, God-fearing folk…who share common American values. Only Trump has the ability to bring that coalition together. Once members of both parties will break free from the “liberal/conservative” boxes that the media and power-elite have herded the voters into we will have the opportunity to reshape the electorate in such a way that a Ted Cruz Presidency might one day become a reality.

This two-card Monty political system needs to be blown up. Twenty years from now, if we are still here, this Democrat/Republican system will be a thing of the past. In its place will be a political alignment much different from the one we see today…

I am not afraid of a Trump Presidency. I am more afraid of what we will become if we remain in the sheep-pens into which the media has herded us.

Let’s pray for Donald Trump. Pray the Lord opens his eyes. Pray the Lord does a miracle in his life. Even Jesus used an ass to accomplish His will.

I want Cruz…but I can live with Trump…and Trump is looking more and more like a reality. With each passing day.

Proverbs 21:1 — The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will.”

Holy Spirit please penetrate Donald Trump’s heart. Do in his heart what You did in mine.” May that be our prayer.

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Dave Daubenmire
Dave Daubenmire is a veteran 35 year high school football coach who was spurred to action when attacked and sued by the ACLU in the late 1990s for praying with his high school football team. After a two year battle for his 1st amendment rights, the ACLU relented and offered coach an out of court settlement.