ALLEN WEST Just Put Obama On FULL BLAST Over His Insane Gun Grab

In response to the stubborn fact that Americans continue to own guns — and worse, have been purchasing them in record numbers since he took office — Obama has once again turned to his pen and his phone.

Yes, yet again, he is issuing an Executive Order from his gilded throne. That’s what he always does when he can’t be bothered with those irritating checks and balances which might otherwise rein in his royal powers.

Under the pretense of caring about crimes committed with a firearm (more on that in a moment) and given the fork in the road between targeting felonious gun offenders, and targeting law-abiding citizens who probably won’t vote Democrat anyway, it was an obvious choice.

And, in light of his shiny new executive orders making it harder to lawfully purchase guns, Lt. Col. Allen West has given two straightforward proposals.

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The first, actually follows from Obama’s own stated positions. Remember that he has made it clear he is uncomfortable with firearms, he has publicly weighed in on news events, siding with the civilian against law enforcement, in assuming their excessive use of force, and assuming wrongdoing on the part of law enforcement long before the facts have even come to light.

The first proposal is the defunding of Obama’s Secret Service detail. (Refer to similar action taken in Virginia.)

The second proposal is straightforward Civil Disobedience. Ignore any of the rules he has instituted by fiat. What’s he gonna do, arrest everybody? How can he? He’s already let thousands of felons out of jail. Do you think police or the military are super-excited to enforce laws that infringe on Second-Amendment Rights?

[Yeah, yeah. I know. “We would never say such a thing about a white President. Blah, blah, blah.” Well stuff it. This was West’s proposal, unless you’re calling him a racist.]

On the fundamental level, West makes an excellent point. The very act of Executive overreach that creates these rule-by-fiat pseudo-monarchical decisions, he is operating — literally — outside of the consent of the governed. Nobody gave him such powers. Ever. So why should they be treated as binding?

Instead of harassing John Q Public who goes to work, pays taxes, and happens to own a firearm, ask your “Progressive” friends why the Democrats resist a gun control measure that even the NRA supports? Yes, the Big Bad NRA supports a gun control measure that Democrats won’t touch. “Project Exile.”

It provides strict consequences for felons with firearms, or falsifying information to obtain a firearm, or providing a gun to a convicted felon. Such cases, under Project Exile, are heard in Federal Court, where there is a minimum 5 year sentence for violations.

Until your hand-wringing Progressive buddies are ready to take action that specifically targets felons with firearms, they can sit, down, shut up and stop trying to infringe on citizens with firearms. Call them out as the hypocrites they are. They have it coming.

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