Arrested Muslim ‘Refugees’ Were ‘Eager to See Blood’ and Say, ‘Allah facilitated’ Them

Two Muslim ‘refugees’ who were born in Iraq have been arrested in California and Texas for trying to assist ISIS. Were they eager to travel to Syria to help family members? No, they were ‘eager to see blood,’ according to officials.

Two men born in Iraq who came to the U.S. as refugees had court dates in California and Texas Friday on terror-related charges, as investigators say one of the men wrote that he wanted to travel to Syria because he was “eager to see blood.”

The judge in Texas ordered 24-year-old Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan to be held without bond as he faces charges of trying to provide support to the Islamic State group.

Al Hardan, who speaks Arabic and used an interpreter in court, said he lives in a Houston-area apartment, is married and has a child. He said he earns about $1,800 per month, but did not say his occupation.

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He was the 80th person charged under federal law in an ISIS-related case since April 2013, and the first in 2016.

In addition to writing that he was “eager to see blood,” Al-Jayab also claimed that he wanted to learn “long range shooting,” and that “God has facilitated” his travels, court documents show.

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