‘BIGGEST REFUGEE INFLOW STILL AHEAD’: German Minister, ’10Mil Could come to Europe’

Is this ONLY the beginning of what we’re going to see when it comes to the Syrian ‘refugees’? According to this, yes.

The recent migrant influx to Europe is just a prologue to what could be in store in the coming years, as the number of new arrivals could amount to eight to ten million people, German Economic Cooperation and Development Minister Gerd Muller has warned.

So far, Europe has witnessed only the beginning of the refugee and migrant tide, as “only ten percent of refugee wave coming from Syria and Iraq have reached” Europe, with even more people expected to arrive from Africa, Muller said in an interview to the German Bild am Sonntag.

“The biggest refugee inflow is still ahead: African population will double in the next decades with the population of… Egypt reaching 100 million and Nigeria’s population reaching 400 million,” Muller told the daily on Sunday.

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The minister also stressed that the process of refugee inflow is largely irreversible as “in our digital era, with internet and mobile phones, everyone is well aware about our [European] wealth and lifestyle,”adding that the world needs “an absolutely new pattern of international cooperation.”

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