BITE ME: These States Are DEFYING Obama On Gun Control In a MAJOR Way

Written by Thomas Holmes on January 28, 2016

While Fox News and The Donald quibble over supposed infringements on debate proprieties, we still have a sitting president who’s all too happy to infringe upon the rest of America while we’re distracted. It would appear the battle between state versus federal Constitutional obligations and rights is quietly coming to a head.

This time, through Barak Obama’s continued assault on the 2nd Amendment.   According to the New American, multiple states are taking upon legislation that would effectively tell Obama and his executive orders to talk to the hand.

From Joel Wolverton’s January 24th article: “At least 15 states are in the process of passing bills that would stop the enforcement of federal gun control measures — congressional, executive, and judicial — at the state borders.”   Evidentially, some states are finally waking up to the realization that they actually have a say in what goes on inside their borders!

By virtue of each state’s foundational role in creating the federal government through the Constitution in the first place, Virginia, South Carolina et. al. aren’t mere limp, play things of an over-fed, bratty, chief executive in D.C. who might toss around a state like a rag doll and then throw them wherever he likes when he’s finished.

Many states have been concerned over pulled funding from the Feds for various law enforcement programs if they don’t comply with many of Obama’s executive actions, according to Wolverton. Once again, this proves that once you’re bought it’s really hard to keep your independence, to say nothing of your integrity.

Fortunately, it appears Virginia and South Carolina, at least, are sick of endlessly taking the walk of shame from Obama’s Oval Office and are fighting back with new legislation.

The Virginia House Bill #83 would prohibit state agencies and officers from enforcing new federal gun control laws. Shockingly, state police officers are currently required to comply with federal gun control mandates, irrespective of the fact that they are employees of the Commonwealth, not –at least not yet- soldiers of Obama’s wet dream national police force. South Carolina, took it a hefty step further in their bill. That bill prohibits not just officers but state funds or property to enforce Obama’s anti-gun rampage.

Unfortunately, the New American doesn’t provide the full list of 15 states opposing Obama’s gun Hoovering measures and Clash Daily can’t confirm that number. Even so, just Virginia with its liberal Governor and South Carolina will hopefully encourage other states to wake up from their complicit “playtime” with the Whiner in Chief and use their Constitutional right to protect their borders from presidential power grabbing.

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