BOOM: TX Governor Challenges BHO on Guns… ‘Come and Take It’

Obama’s has announced that his New Year’s Resolution is to grab our guns. So how did the Governor of Texas respond? The only way that he knows how to, in true Texas fashion. Check out Governor Greg Abbott’s message to BHO:

Obama hinted at using executive action to enforce stricter gun control:

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HONOLULU — President Obama will press ahead with a set of executive actions on guns next week despite growing concerns in the United States over terrorism that have dampened some Americans’ enthusiasm for tighter firearms restrictions.

The president will meet Monday with Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch to finalize a series of new gun control measures and will announce his package of proposals soon after, according to several individuals who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the plan is not yet public. (Washington Post)

Here was another Tweet sent out by Gov. Abbott back in October:

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