Brit Reporter Tries to Shame American Vet on Guns… Immediately Regrets It (WATCH)

Let it never be said that the Brits don’t have an opinion on guns. It’s a well-known fact that our English cousins really don’t get America’s Constitutional right to self-defense. Of course, considering it was our application of firearms that kicked those pasty-skinned wig sniffers out of the Colonies, I guess I understand. That said, the anti-gun ignorance struck hard when British Channel 4 journalist John Snow jumped all over American Veteran and Armed American Radio reporter, Neil McCabe, for daring to be “proud” of such a violent country.

As The Blaze reported, Mr. McCabe didn’t exactly roll over even when Mr. Snow challenged him by repeating supposedly minute-by-minute statistics of increasing American gun deaths. “…The figure has just gone up to 141 people have died from gun shot wounds this year”, according to Mr. Snow’s middle of the interview updates. “I don’t celebrate those numbers the way you seem to”, Mr. McCabe responded.   Nor should he since those numbers were most likely inaccurate. Even if Channel 4 was quoting another report’s statistics, it’s already been proven that many of the most inflammatory gun violence statistics are shamelessly inflated.

Instead of taking the bate, Mr. McCabe replied with logic and facts including the truth that background checks are both inaccurate and illogical considering it’s tantamount to asking permission to exercise a Constitutional right. Not that you should expect anyone named John Snow to know anything, of course, but it’s getting more and more ridiculous that the Left still insists it’s defending the “greater good” when according to The Federalist Papers recent report, gun violence is actually declining, even as gun ownership has skyrocketed. Even Marxist Utopias like a Harvard have admitted that gun laws and gun violence have little or no correlation.

Personally, I think Mr. McCabe hit the leftist agenda right in the gut when he stated “a lot of Americans…feel no obligation to be a victim”. Basically, the Left wins when people succumb to living life as a victim and running to the government for hugs and safe zones. Alternatively, when people like Neil McCabe reject the liberal narrative of victimhood in favor or self-empowerment, we get debates like the video above: One person unwilling to hand over his right to self government and another incapable of understanding why you wouldn’t want the State to legislate your safety and comfort just because it means trashing your most fundamental liberties.

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