Cops Threaten Man For Anti-Govt TWEETS That BLAST His Govt’s Mass Muslim Migration Plans

Published on January 27, 2016

When there are refugees involved, you can say good-bye to your freedom of speech and expect to be silenced.

Dutch cops are policing anti-mass migration comments, even threatening social media users of “sedition” for opposing government policies. The news has emerged after police paid visits to warn multiple people who made anti-mass migration comments on social media, reports

Mark Jongeneel, a small business owner in the Dutch city of Sliedrecht, tweeted: “The college of Sliedrecht has a proposal to receive 250 refugees in the coming 2 years. What a bad plan! #letusresist”

Mr. Jongeneel then got a visit to his mother’s house, and subsequently his place of work, from police who wanted to warn him over his comments.

Speaking to, he described the events: “I asked them what the problem was and they said ‘your tweets.’

“They asked me to be careful about my Twitter behaviour, because if there are riots, then I’m responsible.”

“You tweet a lot,” said the police, explaining: “We have orders to ask you to watch your tone. Your tweets may seem seditious”.

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