Desperate Democrats Turn to Gun Control For ONE Reason Alone…And It’s DIRTY

Written by Rob Morse on January 14, 2016

President Obama’s latest push for new gun laws is a distraction. It is a distraction designed for the news media and the low information voter. After all, President Obama merely has to whisper the words “mass murder” and the Democrat news media will parade a backdrop of bloody victims on a green screen. Those images are enough to convince many Americans. The President is desperate because Democrats have a money problem this election cycle.

In fact, crime is down across the US.. except in failed Democrat cities. Homicide with a firearm is down. Obama’s latest push for gun-regulation is done for political gain, not to reduce crime or violence. These new gun laws are a distraction from the profound failure of Democrat politicians. New gun laws are a distraction the Democrats need desperately this election year. It is the very policies promoted by Democrat politicians which produced the thousands of shootings in Chicago this year; not gun laws. We have guns everywhere, but it is precisely the failed Democrat cities that are known for their nightly gang violence. On the national stage, Obama’s policies produced Islamic terrorism here in the United States. Now Obama is desperate for a media distraction from his profound failures. The Democrat party is desperate for an infusion of campaign cash from anti-gun groups.

Democrats destroyed Chicago and Obama damaged the United States. Democrat polices drove business out of Chicago and Cook County, Illinois. President Obama’s crowning political achievement is ObamaCare. ObamaCare drove up healthcare costs. ObamaCare moved health insurance out of reach for a record number of us. ObamaCare threw many of us out of work and pushed full-time employees into part time jobs. Democrats in Chicago and Obama in the White House put millions more of us on welfare.

Democrats swelled welfare rolls out of necessity rather than compassion. A case worker can tell welfare recipients that they need to vote Democrat or their benefits will be cut. That approach works for a while, but eventually you run out of poor people. Next, the Democrats threw open the borders and borrowed poor people from other countries. Democrat politicians in shrinking cities and states need illegal immigrants to pad the voter rolls. That is what they did in Chicago and Los Angeles.

No one should be surprised that gangs flourish across Obama’s adopted home town. Democrats produce a cycle of poverty and crime that is now Democrat policy across the nation and for the nation. We see the same thing time after time, from Chicago to New York to Baltimore to Philadelphia to Los Angeles. These failed Democrat cities have been under one party political control for years. They have strict gun laws. They also have much higher rates of violence than the US average. Democrats chose to pass more gun laws rather than face their policy failures.

Today, Democrats blame guns because blaming “global warming” stopped playing well in focus groups. It was an easy choice. Gun-control always plays well with the Democrat media.

Failing over and over and expecting a different result the next time is superstition, not law enforcement. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is insanity.

Insanity works for Democrat politicians. The media will flash the latest blood porn of the day up on the screen, while ignoring the thousands of stories of civilian self-defense. The media will ignore the cycle of poverty and violence built by Democrats and their supporters. Insanity works for Democrat politicians and the Democrat media. Proposing crazy gun laws gets campaign cash for Democrats.

This latest gun control push by the president plays the American voter as a fool. It will certainly work to get Democrats some campaign cash from anti-gun billionaires. I don’t know if campaign dollars will buy a Democrat majority. I don’t know if American voters will vote for more of the same insanity. After all, they voted this bunch of lying politicians into office.


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