German Leaders Refuse to Stop Muslim Rapists, So Guess What Gangs Are Doing

Written by Thomas Holmes on January 12, 2016

European government’s ongoing rejection of their citizen’s concern over Muslim immigration and Islamic crimes recently went from bad to worse, or possibly from terrible to this is getting serious.   Germany spent most of 2015 drowning in Syrian and Muslim “guests”, with their passive government seemingly uninterested in their own border collapse or in taking action against Muslim immigrant crimes of rape, assault and murder. Sadly, German citizens are taking the law into their own hands after new allegations of attacks by foreign nationals.

According to , there have been dozens of reports of sexual assaults by African or Arab men on New Years Eve in Cologne, which spawned vigilante groups reciprocating to the extreme.

“According to police in the western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, a group of about 20 people attacked six Pakistanis on Sunday evening, near Cologne’s central train station. Two of the victims were reportedly taken to hospital.”

The tabloid, Express, describes these revenge seekers as “bikers, hooligans and bouncers” evidentially to ensure readers that they are unlikely to be bankers, accountants and priests. Clearly these people are not representative of the majority of German citizens, but since when did that matter? Unfortunately for everyone, but especially the law abiding citizens who simply want to protect their country and culture from the threat of Islamic terrorism and government overreach, these “bikers, hooligans and bouncers” play right into a larger agenda.

Speisa goes on to report that Norwegian journalists also described a tense atmosphere in Cologne as “large amounts of police officers” were searching the streets to watch out for groups of German men, ostensibly vigilante suspects. Many sensible types have asked why Europe, and Germany specifically, was so quick to open their borders to millions of questionable Muslim immigrants under such poor security, especially when it was obvious- and later verified– that terrorists would be among them.

One apparent reason is that it provides a clear path for the government to declare a national state of emergency in response to the violence on both sides. Violence created by the same government passivity towards immigrant’s crimes and immediate aggression against citizen crimes.

As frankly ridiculous and improbable as all of that seems in this Utopian, post-modern 21st Century enlightenment we’re all clearly enjoying, it’s the exact path governments have used to grab liberty from the people throughout history. Personally, I’m not generally one who supports inducing fear but there are times when a healthy dose of it should wake you up like a strong cup of black coffee in the morning.

Last week, Clash Daily reported that a CNN contributor implored President Obama declare a national state of emergency to “protect America”- from itself. If America has reached a place where a reputable news source- well, CNN- can even mumble “martial law” with a straight face, how much closer is Europe to government sponsored chaos?

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