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Hillary LASHES OUT at Rape Survivor When Questioned About …

A Wall Street Journal Op-ed piece claimed Hillary Clinton uses her gender as “both a political sword and shield to win the White House”. Just days later, we get to watch her very selective support of women’s issues. Watch the difference in her reactions to a pair of campaign-stop disruptions.

Of course, managers do everything they can to control the environment at political events, desperately avoiding that “Dukakis moment” which can derail an otherwise promising campaign run. Some take it a little further. Clinton was accused of using children as props with staged questions. By “staged”, I mean lobbing softball questions that just happen to play to Hillary’s narrative. She has no difficulty answering those fawning questions, no surprise.

But — like all other campaigns — occasionally someone disruptive will show up.  Let’s contrast two examples. One was an organized publicity stunt. The other was a lone woman with a single serious question.

The first disruption was #BLM. As a group, they marched to the front, held up signs, and sang/shouted over Hillary’s speech. Before security eventually ushered them away, she addressed them as a group, claiming that if they only listened to her speech, their concerns were addressed in it. She did not speak ill of their disruption.

Fast forward to another meeting where one woman waited until the Q&A. She held no sign, and to my knowledge, did not disrupt Hillary’s presentation.

Here’s the moment where the skeptics’ allegations of staged questions becomes relevant. If, in fact, it turns out that Hillary only permits pre-screened questions, then the “transparent” “town-hall-style” meetings are a farce — or worse — a lie. It means she would NEVER call upon ANY ordinary attendee with any honest question.

Intent on being heard and answered, the woman called out her question. She stood up and spoke out of turn, yes. But the difference in Hillary’s response is dramatic. She replied only by saying “you are very rude and I will never call on you”.

What was her question? It was a favorite Hillary Hobby-horse: the “War on Woman”. A favorite, I suppose, because Hillary plans to put right all the errors of the last eight years. Obviously such issues were ignored with HIllary in the Inner Circle, and she’s … coming to Washington to bring — uh — change … and … hope… or something….

Sorry. Where was I? Right: disruptions.

This “rude” woman is actually an elected State Representative in New Hampshire, and more relevant to the exchange — a rape survivor. (A group Hillary has been “championing”.) Katherine Prudhomme-O’Brien — is also a former Democrat. She left the Left after seeing Hillary’s defense of Bill during sexual misconduct allegations.

Considering Ms. Clinton’s recent statements about women who report instances of assault being “heard and believed”, is it any wonder she had a few questions for Hillary?

In her own words, Rep. Prudhomme-O’Brien explains the incident, and what she hoped to accomplish on her Facebook Page.

[Further reading on Hillary’s hypocrisy toward Sexual Assault Survivors can be found here.]

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Wes Walker

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