Look HOW MANY Muslims Tried Storming A Nightclub In Germany on New Years Eve

This is what happens when Merkel decides to swing open her doors to ‘refugees’. Is she going to take responsibility for it?

According to reports, up to 500 aggressive Muslims tried to storm the club…police were overwhelmed here too. As can be seen in the translated excerpt below:

An eyewitness reports of the riots – first reports of sexual assaults Bielefeld Silvesternacht worse than we thought?

Bielefeld (WB). The riots in the New Year’s Eve in the new station district in Bielefeld have been obviously heavier than previously known.

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The chief of security of the “Elephant Clubs’ reports of up to 500 men who wanted to multiply access to the disco with violence. Women have been touched in the genital area. »Using only physical violence, we could help women to break free.”

The Bielefeld police confirmed this newspaper several reports of sexual assault: “First Viewing injured women are received at the competent Trade Commissioner.”

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