Meat Plant Fires Nearly 200 Muslim Workers Over ‘Prayer Dispute’ … Guess Who’s Getting Involved

Now that this Muslim organization has stepped in, you can expect this private company to be bullied into hiring back these employees.

A Kansas-based meat distribution company has reportedly fired around 190 workers from one of its packaging and distribution plants, weeks after more than 200 workers walked off of the job over a prayer dispute, the Denver Post reported.

Cargill Meat Solutions made the decision to fire employees — individuals who are mostly Muslim immigrants from Somalia — after the workers refused to show up to work at a Fort Morgan, Colorado, plant last month, with the workers claiming that they were denied breaks to pray.

They felt as though a long-held prayer policy had changed, so they decided not to show up to work for three days following a Dec. 18 dispute, which led to their firing,according to KSAX-TV.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim civil rights group, has stepped in to try and help the workers get their jobs back, pledging to seek other legal options if such a remedy cannot be attained.

“Some employees missed their prayer that day,” Jaylani Hussein, executive director of CAIR’s Minnesota office, told KSAX-TV. “They wanted to talk to management and they were told to go home if they wanted to pray.”

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