‘MODERATE MUSLIM’ In THIS State Said Jews Should Have Their Throats …

When “extreme” Islam is essentially the murder and extermination of all people not complying with Islam, you have to stop and wonder what “moderate” Islam actually looks like.   When a so-called moderate Muslim jumps online and categorically defends stabbing Jews as “allowed” under Islam and slams Muslim “Turkish soap opera lovers” for suggesting that maybe it’s wrong, the obvious question becomes, why is the West excusing moderate Islam just because it’s slightly less despicable than real Islam?

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Meet Lina Allan, of Michigan. Yes, you read that correctly, she lives right here in the U.S. Concerned yet? Ms. Allan decries the treatment of Palestinians and orders people to not “talk about things they don’t understand”.  Fortunately, she understands everything perfectly from Michigan and has deigned to bring the fire of her wisdom down from the mountain to the uninformed. Ms. Allan does let the Jew defenders she’s reprimanding slightly off the hook by allowing that they could be considered equal to animal rights activists, but never human rights defenders.

How nice of her.

Actually, given the realities of Sharia law and the Quran, which advocates a hell of a lot more than stabbing Jews, I’d say that makes her fairly moderate. After all, she’s no Islamic terrorist. Of course, precious few leaders lack the guts to even stare such realities in the face in an election year. They would rather pass a ruling to criminalize criticism of Islam.

To borrow a line from Richard Dreyfuss in “Jaws”, I’d say they’re going to ignore this particular problem until it swims up and bites them on the ass. Or in this case, walks up and blows up the Capitol Hill Starbucks with a clock bomb.

Ms. Allan represents a perfect storm of insanity viewed as moderation only in context. Nonetheless, she and her ilk are enjoying the freedom and fruits of the fear and denial by our leaders that protect such bigotry. Very often it’s the accusers who are guilty of what they’re accusing others of. In this case, the same leftist agenda that throws around terms like “Islamaphobia”, “racist” and “fear mongers” against people on the right are guilty of perpetuating just those ideas by their passive defense of a religion that, for potentially 20% of its followers, feeds off of murder and terrorism. Add to that number “moderates” like Lina Allan, and that number grows exponentially.

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