Mother of Benghazi Victim Has 6 Word Message for Hillary That NEEDS To Go VIRAL

The mother of Benghazi victim, Sean Smith, is not happy with Hillary and has a scathing message for her.

Patricia Smith, whose son Sean was killed in the September 11, 2012 attacks in Benghazi, stated that Hillary Clinton “did nothing as far as I can tell, other than order their murder” on Friday’s “Varney & Co.” on the Fox Business Network.

Smith said Hillary “did nothing as far as I can tell, other than order their murder. The people called and asked and begged for people to come and be security, and they were turned down each time, and Hillary says that she never got the message. I want to know why she didn’t get the message, when it was her department. I want her to give back all the money that we spent on her being secretary of state because she did a rotten job.”

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