MUSLIM MOBS Sexually Harass Dozens Of Young Women On News Years Eve

This just goes to show that they will never be able to assimilate into Western Culture.

A large group of Muslims sexually harassed scores of young women in and around the main train station of Cologne. They even ripped off one girl’s stockings and underwear.

“They were with their hands really everywhere. This is something I’ve never experienced, “citing the” Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger “, said one  22-year old victim. “When we called for help, they laughed. “Bags and valuables” been robbed.” And one  17-year-old is quoted as saying: “I had fingers on every orifice”….. here


The extent of sexual assaults on women on New Year’s Eve at Cologne Central Station is gradually becoming more evident. Investigators assume that there have been over 40 different offenders. 30 victims have already filed charges.

Cologne. The police has an investigation team set up to investigate the sexual assaults on women on New Year’s Eve around the main train station. More than 30 victims have already filed a complaint with the police. According to information of the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger”, the investigators assume that there have been over 40 different perpetrators that know each other. However, to date, no one was reliably identified and there have been no arrests.

The perpetrators supposedly consist of young men known to the police, who are committing larcenies by trick and burglaries downtown and in the amusement districts like the Zülpicher Straße for many months. Victims and witnesses told the police they had a North African male appearance.

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