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Muslim Woman Wearing Holocaust Star Removed from Trump Rally…Guess Who Was IN ON IT

There’s no surprise here. This Muslim woman was escorted out of a Donald Trump rally, but that’s not where the story ends.

CNN was all too happy to give one self-proclaimed “silent protester” a voice.

Saying she didn’t plan to disrupt the event, a Muslim woman wearing a hijab and a yellow Star of David was escorted out of a Donald Trump campaign rally on Friday when she disrupted the event.

And she caught an earful from Trump supporters in Rock Hill, South Carolina, over her staged antics — CNN interviewed the woman BEFORE the rally.

Rose Hamid strategically positioned herself behind Trump and stood up in silent protest wearing a shirt that read “Salam, I come in peace,” when the candidate began talking about Syrian refugees, according to the network.

Hamid, 56, and one other man with her were wearing yellow stars similar to those worn by Jews during the Holocaust — the only difference being that no one has shoved 6 million Muslims into ovens.

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