Bringing new horror to “if you see something, say something”, President Obama launched another wave of executive orders countermanding the Constitution. In this case, the world’s most powerful Muslim also thought nothing of countermanding the federally protected Doctor-patient privilege. Why all these suspect gut punches to American liberty? To make it that much easier for your gun rights to be revoked!

According to Politico, the rule, which was published on January 4th, allows Doctors to turn in gun owning patients who they only suspect might be “mentally ill”. Yep, a clear shot across the bow to all those Islamic terrorists who are actually murdering people. That’ll show ‘em! I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t even aware that my GP was qualified to make such an assessment given that the only thing he seems qualified to do is charge my insurance.

The idea, publicly of course, is to protect us poor violent Americans from both ourselves and those darn Islamic terrorists. It’s just a small sacrifice to ignore our Constitutional rights not only to bare arms but also to due process. The real leftist motive is almost as obvious- keep the 2nd Amendment technically alive while gutting it from the inside out. All without that petty need to go through Congress.

Naturally, President Obama had help in initiating this policy- let’s not give the guy too much credit for originality. In April 2014, the American College of Physicians basically determined that they have a moral obligation to stick their nose into the 2nd Amendment by declaring that gun violence is a “public health” issue.

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So what we’ve got is a liberal agenda to destroy gun owner’s rights facilitated by a complicit- and even motivated- Physician’s union. Currently, the intention is to report suspected mentally ill people who happen to be gun owners- ya know, just in case. Given the obvious bias of the ACP, how much time needs to pass before the accepted policy is for your trusted Doctor to simply determine that anyone who is a gun owner already is mentally ill?

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