Obama’s Not The Only Leader To CRY And Get All DRAMATIC


It looks like Obama isn’t the first to do this. Do you think he learned it from someone else?

And before more of you claim Germans didn’t take away guns, here’s a bit more clarification from a few of our readers:

Jayme Secrist Sedgwick: “Bernard E. Harcourt, writing for the University of Chicago Law School and Political Science Department, notes:

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If you read the 1938 Nazi gun laws closely and compare them to earlier 1928 Weimar gun legislation – as a straightforward exercise of statutory interpretation – several conclusions become clear. First, with regard to possession and carrying of firearms, the Nazi regime relaxed the gun laws that were in place in Germany at the time the Nazis seized power.

Second, the Nazi gun laws of 1938 specifically banned Jewish persons from obtaining a license to manufacture firearms or ammunition.

Third, approximately eight months after enacting the 1938 Nazi gun laws, Hitler imposed regulations prohibiting Jewish persons from possessing any dangerous weapons, including firearms.”

Aaron Schwartzbart: “Adolph Hitler convinced otherwise right-thinking people to kill 6M Jews. Two of his most important tools in this endeavor were propaganda and gun control. I implore Americans from every walk of life to deal honestly with history.”

Pamela Morgan Smith: “And not just Jews, but other ‘undesirables’ – blacks, gypsies, homosexuals; anyone not Aryan…People who ignore history are destined to repeat it.”

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