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Phil and Willie Discuss Cruz & Trump In This AWESOME Interview (WATCH)

Phil and Willie Robertson face off in this awesome interview as they discuss the two top GOP contenders in the primary race for the White House: [score]Ted Cruz[/score] and Donald Trump.

Phil explained why he’s supporting Cruz by pointing out that the writer of the Constitution, James Madison, said it was written for “a moral and religious people.”

“So I just looked at Cruz. He stood out in my mind as being a moral and religious man. I thought to myself, ‘Good enough for me,’” Phil said. “It’s about that simple on my part.”

Willie, on the other hand, said that he wants a candidate who can shake things up, who can change things up, because the system is broken.

He said he thinks Trump is the man for the job because he’s not beholden to donors or lobbyists.

Willie added that Trump’s background as a successful businessman is a big advantage he holds over other GOP contenders. (Source: Fox News Insider)

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