QUESTION: Should Gun Owners Publicize Their Self-Defense?

Written by Rob Morse on January 2, 2016

Should murder be turned into blood-porn?  Should women be seen with guns?  We get wildly different answers depending on who we ask.

Gory images seem to be OK when the news media use them to shock us.  Graphic images of violence are welcome when anti-gun politicians want to scare us into passing new laws.

Then the rules change: showing self-defense is suddenly in bad taste if we show a woman defending herself.  Women make up an increasing segment of gun owners and concealed carry holders.  Shhh, we must keep that a secret.  Anti-gun lobbyists don’t want the world to see women owning guns.

I think it is time gun ownership came out of the shadows.

Look across the United States and you see an entirely different picture of firearms owners than the one painted by the news media and ant-gun politicians.

-28 December, 2015- A Dayton Ohio woman defended her four children with a gun and stopped potential mass murder.

-25 December, 2015-  A Houston, Texas woman shot a thief as he climbed in her apartment window.

-22 December, 2015- A 56 year-old Albany, Georgia woman shot a man who broke into her home and attacked her in bed at 4 AM.

-21 December, 2015- An Amarillo, Texas woman shot an assailant who threatened to kill her and beat her with a metal pole.

-19 December, 2015- A Dallas homeowner grabbed her gun and retreated to the bathroom.  She fired when the intruder tried to kick down her bathroom door.

These examples are the rule rather than the exception.  The Federal Center for Disease Control cites millions of instances where armed civilians defend themselves and their families each year. 

Let women decide when and where they want to reveal their firearms ownership.  It is their choice, not the choice of a politician.

Carry on.

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