REPUBLICAN POLITICIANS Have Declared War on Middle Class Voters

Written by Rob Morse on January 27, 2016

Establishment politicians declared war on the middle class. I talk about the Democrat abuses in the article posted here, but for now I’m focusing on the Republicans.

Crappy economic policies put a record number of us out of work. The most glaring examples are the Democrat policies that crushed jobs in the steel, coal, oil and construction industries.

The Republicans now control both legislative houses. The Republicans can’t pull an Obama and blame Bush. Nor can they blame Obama when the Republicans determine the federal budget and federal law. No, it is the Establishment Republicans who let these bad Democrat economic policies stand… while both parties passed a pork ridden budget full of kickbacks.

It is the Republican controlled House and Senate who recently funded Obama’s open borders. Republicans fully funded Planned Parenthood. Republicans gave money to large corporations through the import/export bank. Republican politicians fully funded the Department of Justice, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Bureau of Land Management and the Internal Revenue Service. Republican politicians funded them while these agencies waged a regulatory war on honest US citizens.

I don’t like it. Neither do you.

Our dislike is so great that the two front running Republican presidential candidates are running against the DC establishment. Establishment presidential candidates like Bush, Graham, Christie and Pataki claim that their great virtue is that they are not Obama. They poll in the low single digits. We realize that establishment politicians represent their donors rather than the voters.

How can politicians get away with policies that hurt the voters so badly? We let them. We the voters let politicians abuse us. I know it is hard to cast the tough votes and cut out special interests. Some politicians make the tough votes and stand on their record. Establishment politicians decided it is easier to take special interest campaign money than to vote for the people. Professional politicians decided it is easier to run expensive media campaigns that sell the political record they wish they had.

We reward the politicians when they lie to us. We let them. We spend more time considering what shoes to buy than shopping for the right candidate. We get walked on, and it costs us dearly.

The choice is up to us. Republican voters can reclaim the Republican party so it represents them. Unfortunately, only a few of the candidates want a smaller government rather than a larger government that is for sale to the highest donor. Trump talks a good game, but his campaign donations and his on-the-record comments show he is not a small government conservative.

Republican voters are lucky this year, at least compared to Democrat voters. Republican voters are lucky because some of the Republican candidates are pretty clean.

I’m not going to give you my top picks. Not yet. Shop for yourself and look past the headlines and polls. Elections matter.

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