Does Sarah Palin Want to Make America Great Again? Here’s Who She Should’ve Endorsed

Written by Judy Rice on January 24, 2016

I have to admit Sarah Palin endorsing Trump is a tad heartbreaking to me. I love Sarah and honestly thought she was more conservative. I defended her through the years and really believe she could help turn America in the right direction. I thought she had a firmer grasp about what needs get done. My shock lasted only a moment.

Sarah is only human just like the rest of us. This is not an excuse for her endorsement, but it’s really hard to find people who believe wholeheartedly in the principles we were founded on and are willing to demonstrate and sustain their commitment in a nation that now considers the word “religion” to be taboo! Not much surprises me anymore. But when we live in a politically correct, morally declining and anti-religion America, isn’t it safe to say that this affects all Americans… including Sarah Palin and our leaders? Our leaders represent us.

I have been disappointed in all the Republican debates so far that none of the candidates, including Cruz, really emphasized how we need to get back to teaching, talking about and implementing the principles that made America the most exceptional country on this planet. I believe Cruz understands the problem in America, but I don’t see him expressing this to the common, low-information voter in the debates when they are actually paying attention for but a moment! When I engage in conversations about the election, I realize that the voter that will go to the polls to get their “I voted sticker” still have no idea about Cruz! Many church going Christians don’t have a clue either… It’s that bad out there.

For example, I believe every Republican candidate would work to get rid of ISIS, but what about spelling out how Islam won’t work in America because it goes against the fundamental values we were founded on. Americans want Islam out of America and the refugee/immigration problem is one of the things letting this ideology in. Have to get rid of it everywhere, but definitely don’t let more people with that mindset in. This is common sense and no secret anymore, so say it loud and clear when everyone is listening!

I would like to hear more on the “big stage in the debates that more people are watching” about principles. I think it would help many Americans understand the importance of going back to our founding principles to change the landscape of our nation. America will change when we adopt the principles that made us great in the past. These principles didn’t change; unfortunately, we have changed as a nation. I know Ted Cruz understands this, I simply think it’s his turn to get loud and clear. He is exactly what America needs.

I see Sarah as a loud, bold, conservative woman. Cruz is very conservative and bold too, but not so loud when it matters most. I believe Sarah could have really turned up the volume for him and this really could have been very effective. Is Sarah compromising her values or was she never grounded in conservative principles in the first place? I can’t help but wonder, like so many other conservatives…What is she thinking? She is smart enough to know that Trump hasn’t proven himself on principle yet. Ted Cruz is clearly the most proven conservative Republican candidate in Washington. He hasn’t succumbed to the pressures of Washington and from what we can all see, this is no easy task!

Unfortunately, Sarah’s endorsement of Trump shouldn’t completely surprise us. Sarah represents too many of us. This is simply what happens when principles get compromised in a representative government, election after election. We the people vote these candidates in and they represent us. Corruption in Washington is simply the outcome of a morally bankrupt nation. Cruz has proven through the years that he stands on conservative principles. Trump knows that. He proudly announces that Congress hates Cruz… All the more reason to vote for him. It’s a good thing to be hated in Washington! Trump is hated in Washington too.

The American people definitely know that America needs to change. The hard part is that it’s “We the People” that need to initiate that change and too many don’t even realize this. Sarah doesn’t get it either. Endorse the best candidate, don’t compromise. We have to talk up the great candidates because the debates only give a glimpse and that’s only for those who actually watch them. It’s up to all of us to turn America around. Can’t sit back anymore and hope. We have been blindly trusting Washington for too long. We need to go back to the principles that made America work. These principles must be taught and voted for! That’s what needs to change… We get what we vote for. Trump confuses me a bit. Not sure how sincere or educated in our founding principles he has become. We all know he is a genius at making money for himself. The man simply doesn’t have the conservative record that Cruz has. Cruz already understands Washington and what it takes to change it. This is a no-brainer.


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Judy Rice is the proud mother of teenage triplets, Jillian, Spencer and Derek and wife to Gary, one of the most loving, hardworking, honorable men in the world. She is a Christian who is a huge fan of traditional marriage, freedom, and is pro- life to the core. She has a Masters in Counseling from DePaul University in Chicago and a Bachelors degree in Communications from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Before kids, she worked as a counselor, advisor and teacher at the university level. She clarified her world view in her thirties and believes her most valuable education continues to come from reading the Bible, reading in general, listening, paying attention and participating in meaningful communication wherever it occurs.