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THIS CITY Bans Muslims From Nightclubs Because They’re Molesting Women In Bathrooms After Drugging Their Drinks

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This German city has had enough of migrant crime and is now banning them after they have wreaked havoc on women and harassed them.

A German university city with a Green party migrant-supporting administration has banned refugees from several nightclubs following complaints from females of sexual harassment and theft.

Women have allegedly complained to managers of clubs in Freiburg, southwest Germany, about being fed date-rape drugs and being accosted in toilets.

Another woman claimed she had been raped while a bouncer was allegedly stabbed by a migrant.

One club now issues special cards to foreigners in which they are allowed entry only if they agree to reject ‘violence, sexism and discrimination.’ Other nightspots have apparently enforced a blanket ban.

According to local media reports, the problem extends to six discos in the town.

‘No more entry for asylum seekers,’ was the headline in the weekend edition of the newspaper Badische Zeitung.

Freiburg’s welfare and social services leader Ulrich von Kirchbach warned: ‘It is discrimination. One cannot rule out a whole group of people like this.’

He said most of the 3,000 asylum seekers in the town on the border with Switzerland behaved themselves and that a few ‘black sheep’ can be found anywhere.

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