UNREAL: Here’s The Racist Anti-American Song Being Played At Bernie Sanders’ Rally

Can you expect anything different from a Bernie Sanders event? This is Jill Sobule, a pop star from the 90’s that is now following around Bernie Sanders like a groupie. Here are the lyrics to her song:

Remember the Garden of Eden
Before Eve hung out with that snake?
You could walk down the street
And not worry about thieves
All the kids could go trick or treating

Then those foreigners started comin’ in
Like those Germans in 1790
Then the Irish arrived, the potato blight
The neighborhood started changing

Life was better
We lived right
Life had a paler shade of white
When they say we want our America back
We want our America back
Well what the f*** do they mean?

Before there was Ellis Island
And that statue we got from the French
And that’s whore’s still alerting
The strangers she’s flirting
Inviting them into our beds

The Guineas, the coolies, the wetbacks, the Jews
The gays and the terrorists
And who let in that woman looks after my kids
And the one who is cleaning my nest

Life was righteous
Life was clean
Send them back including me
When they say they want our America back
What the f*** do they mean….

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