WATCH: American Sniper Widow, Rape Survivor And Sheriff Put Obama On FULL BLAST During His Townhall Gun Meeting

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Taya Kyle, Kimberly Corban, and Sheriff Paul Babeu put Obama on full blast at his Town Hall meeting. Obama is really going to have to get through a lot of gun loving and patriotic Americans if he really plans to enact his attack on the Second Amendment.

The first challenger, Taya Kyle, the widow of American Sniper Chris Kyle, put BHO on full blast:

The widow of “American Sniper” Chris Kyle confronted President Barack Obama Thursday night, challenging the president on the effectiveness of gun control legislation and asking why he doesn’t more often note that violent crime has decreased during his presidency.

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“I don’t know that any of them would have been stopped by a background check,” Taya Kyle told Obama of those who have committed mass shootings.

“So I think part it we have to recognize is we cannot outlaw murder,” she said. “Because the people who are murdering are breaking the law, but they also don’t have the moral code that we have. So they can do the same amount of damage with a pipe bomb. The problem is that they want to murder.” (Source: The Blaze)

The next challenger was a rape survivor and mother of two children, Kimberly Corban:

Kimberly Corban, who survived a 2006 rape while studying at a Colorado college, presented her question to Obama at CNN’s “Guns in America” town hall event.

“As a survivor of rape and now a mother to two small children, you know it seems like being able to purchase a firearm of my choosing and being able to carry that where me and my family are — it seems like my basic responsibility as a parent at this point,” Corban told Obama. “I have been unspeakably victimized once already and I refuse to let that happen again to myself or my kids.”

“So why can’t your administration see that these restrictions that you’re putting to make it harder for me to own a gun or harder for me to take that where I need to be is actually just making my kids and I less safe?” she asked. (Source: The Blaze)

Second amendment supporters weren’t done just yet, here was what Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu had to say to Obama about his rights and the Constitution:

An Arizona sheriff running for Congress challenged President Barack Obama during a town hall on guns Thursday, asking the president to identify exactly what shooting his recent executive actions would have prevented.

“Mr. President, you’ve said you have been frustrated by Congress. As a sheriff, I often times get frustrated. But I don’t make the laws. And I’ve sworn an oath to enforce the law, to uphold the Constitution — same oath you’ve taken,” Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu said. ”The talk, why we’re here, is all these mass shootings. And yet you’ve said in your executive actions, it wouldn’t have solved even one of these or even the terrorist attack.”

“No, I didn’t say that,” Obama interjected.

“Well, looking at the information, what would it have solved?” Babeu asked. (Source: The Blaze)

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