WATCH: Conservative Woman BLASTS Anti-Trump “National Review Gang Of 22” In VIRAL VIDEO

This conservative woman has a message for the anti-Trump haters…and they are definitely not going to like it. Pease forward this to the National Review.

A Southern California businesswoman went to the Internet to voice her opinion regarding how certain “conservative” thinkers are jumping on an anti-Trump campaign and insulting millions of Trump supporters by doing so.

Kambree Nelson was fired up about an episode of “The Kelly File” in which Dana Loesch, Brent Bozell and Katie Pavlich took turns defining conservatives and conservatism — so fired up that she had to make her own video.

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Loesch, Bozell and Pavlich were part of a group of 22 conservatives who contributed to an issue of conservative magazine “National Review” in what many are calling a Trump hit piece.

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