‘YOU BETCHA’: Sarah Palin Just Made a HUGE Announcement About Donald Trump

Sarah Palin has officially endorsed Donald Trump in Iowa today at one of his rallies — and she’s ready to kick some ISIS ass with him.

Sarah Palin joined Donald Trump on the campaign trail this evening in Iowa after offering him her endorsement earlier in the day, calling him a ‘rogue’ candidate who is ‘beholden to no one but we the people.

The one-time vice presidential candidate said a Trump presidency would mean ‘no more pussyfootin’ around.’

‘Our troops deserve the best, you deserve the best,’ she said at Trump’s Ames, Iowa, rally tonight. ‘He’s from private sector, not a politician. Can I get a Hallelujah?’

Palin, whose son Track is a veteran, told the troops to ‘hang in there, help in on the way,’ and asked her audience, ‘Are you ready for a commander in chief who will let warriors do their job and go kick ISIS’ a**?’

Trump spoke before Palin, but took the mic one last time after her remarks to say, ‘We’re gonna give ’em hell.’

Before the event Palin released a statement cementing her support for Trump after eagle-eyed politicos discovered a private jet log of a plan flying between Palin’s Alaska hometown to Trump’s latest two campaign stops.

In a one sentence statement, Palin said she was ‘proud to endorse Donald J Trump’. She elaborated on it during her appearance with Trump tonight.

‘When asked why I would jump in, and do a primary…stirring it up a little bit maybe,’ she said, ‘and choose one’ candidate over the others, including two senators that she endorsed in their Senate race, ‘I was warned left and right, you are gonna get so clobbered inthe press, you are just gonna get beat up, chewed up and spit out.’

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