5 BIG Reasons to Block Obama’s SCOTUS Nominee That Even Idiots Can Understand

Written by Wes Walker on February 18, 2016

In the spirit of that old Geico “even a cavemen could do it” commercials, I have put together a helpful list for Mitch McConnell. Rumors have it that Republican establishment are already wavering in their resolve to block Obama’s Judicial appointments.

Senate Republicans, all too often, have executed their default strategy of Pre-emptive Surrender. They are children jumping at shadows. More worried about their own meal ticket, or status among their peers than those who elected them. It’s a disgrace.

And it would be a fool’s errand to explain from dispassionate reasons of policy, history and procedure why the most honorable response to this situation would be to block lame-duck appointments, and let that privilege fall to whichever nominee is given a public mandate to do so. They have obviously been stone-deaf to such arguments throughout Obama’s tenure.

Let’s get right into it, then, in no particular order. (Feel free to add your own to this list in the comments below.)

Reasons To Block An Obama Judicial Appointment Even McConnell Can Understand.

  • His own administration’s habitual disregard the for rule of law:
    • Eric Holder’s contempt of Congress (Fast & Furious)
    • Email Scandals (Lerner, Clinton)
    • Use of IRS as a weapon against political opponents
    • An investigation now being launched from a complaint by 50 Intelligence Officers that Obama is doctoring Intelligence Reports from Syria and Iraq, to misrepresent the status of conflict with ISIS.
  • Someone personally unaccountable to lawful authority should not select judges
    • A judge ordered Obama to stop and rescind 2000 amnesties, (From his Executive Order) but many were given out AFTER the judicial order to stop.
    • Obama ignored his obligation to create a budget for years, but coincidentally tabled one at the end of 2015 that would define public policy well into the next Presidency.
  • Obama’s personal disregard for the Separation of Powers
    • His famous “pen and phone” were used to create numerous laws far exceeding his legal authority. (see Obama’s own quote in the “2000 amnesties” link. 2012, he said he had expanded his Executive powers to their limit on this issue, two years later he expanded the powers further)
    • Did not seek Congressional approval before engaging in either Libya or Syria
    • Unilateral Treaty involvement (the non-treaty-treaty with Iran)
    • Constitution something to be worked around, rather than upheld
  • His habitual selective application of the law
    • Executive orders shielding immigrants from deportation
    • Aggressively seeking to overturn the Romeike family’s amnesty applied for, and granted by courts (This attempt failed)
    • Disregarding an American Citizen’s right of presumed innocence when making official public statements. (one example among many, here)
    • Denouncing the “rich who do not pay their fair share” while maintaining a personal friendship with professional race-baiter Al Sharpton, who is Millions of dollars delinquent in his taxes.
    • The (filmed) arrest of the filmmaker (Nakoula Basseley Nakoula) Obama used as the Benghazi scapegoat — was denounced by Obama on the floor of UN General Assembly. For a President reluctant that anyone take the fall for Benghazi, Nakoula was declared guilty by his President literally in front of the world without a trial — when that President knew it was a lie.
  • The Supreme Court will now be reviewing whether Obama’s Executive Order on Immigration exceeded his authority. (His side has already lost in lower courts). Obama has “skin in the game” with this decision — his highly-prized immigration plans hinge upon it.

This list could go on and on. In the comments, it probably will. This was just to get the conversation rolling. Not all of these reasons will carry equal weight, obviously, but together they paint a picture of someone who has no regard for his oath of office, the integrity required of that office, or the People he was called upon to serve.

If McConnell and Co. permit themselves to be cajoled, guilted, cowed, bribed or otherwise manipulated into letting Obama put a nominee forward, they are signaling to the American people their loyalty is to their own personal advantage — be that reelection, money, status among powerful peers, or slavishly answering to chief political donors.

It’s time to man up, boys, and don’t forget your cup. Revisit the rousing speeches of history, literature and film. Remember what it looked like when men actually STOOD for something… for Principles… especially against long odds.

Read Henry V, or Aragorn’s speech, King Leonidas, or the great speeches by the Founding Fathers — go to whatever well you have to and drink deeply of courage. Get ready for a tough and protracted battle. They will use dirty tricks. They will use emotional blackmail. Expect them to use every kind of pressure tactic they can dream up to win this fight.

Because the other side sees “Fundamental Change” of America almost within its grasp. The judicial majority can shift to the Judicial Activists’ favour. Stacked Courts are Social Justice Agitators’ favorite Constitutional work-around and they will NOT go away without a helluva fight.