Should We Have a 50/50 Mix of Women In Combat for the Sake of ‘Diversity’?

Written by Paul Hair on February 21, 2016

Two U.S. representatives have introduced legislation that would require women to register with the Selective Service. But the proposed legislation doesn’t go far enough. America needs to reinstate the draft in order to diversify the armed forces with women.

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA-50) and Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-MT-00) introduced the Draft America’s Daughters Act in the House on Feb. 4 in response to the bipartisan support that made it possible for women to serve in combat positions. If passed, the bill would require Selective Service “registration for women no later than 90 days after the enactment of the measure or 90 days after the Secretary of Defense opens all combat specialties.”

This has drawn quite a bit of media attention and people are concerned with the consequences of it. But it actually doesn’t go far enough. The U.S. has said that women are combat warriors. And because of that, the U.S. should now require women to register for the Selective Service so it can start drafting them in order to fill diversity quotas.

The Marine Corps has already stated that it wants 10% of its troops to be girls. The other services want more girls, too. Drafting women will begin to meet this quota. But if you think about it, 10% is too low. The number of women in the armed forces should be around 50%—just like the world population.

So we need to get all our 18-25 year-old women registered with the Selective Service as soon as possible and then start drafting thousands of them so we can get both combat arms (including infantry) and the armed forces as a whole to a 50-50 mix of men and women.

Yet doing that will take time. So while that occurs the Department of Defense can start the diversification process of combat arms by forcing women already in the armed forces to reclassify from their current military occupational specialty to a combat arms military occupational specialty. (And yes, the armed forces already does this when it needs to fill other military occupational specialties.).

America has demanded that its women be put into combat. Now it’s time to fulfil that desire. Make American women register for the Selective Service, reinstate the draft, draft them by the thousands, and make the armed forces fully diversified by having a 50-50 mix of men and women.

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