This Woman Was First to Have ‘Equal Gender’ Army Job — GUESS How It Turned Out

Written by Omar Avila on February 5, 2016

The big Army and the media made sure that every one knew Erika Lopez enlisted as a combat engineer for a “position that could involved fighting on the front lines,” and that the wife and mother of two would build bridges, detonate artillery, and detect roadside bombs.

The U.S. Army had just lifted its ban on women in combat roles when she walked into a recruiting office in Knoxville and decided to enlist as a combat engineer.

Lopez reported to basic training at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri to become the first woman to graduate as a combat engineer. The basic trainees were granted convalescent leave due to the holidays; she was scheduled to report back on the 4th of January to finish basic training, she was unaccounted for and on January 5th, and she was reported Absent Without Leave (AWOL). As many of us who have served know, after 30 days in an AWOL status, a soldier is considered a deserter and a federal warrant is issued for his or her arrest.

Our government and Obamaland are so worried about being politically correct and opening equal roles in the military to prove a point, that they don’t care how many lives this stunt could potentially cost in the battlefield. Our country has been part of wars since it was established; having men fight the enemy on the front lines has worked and it’s been efficient.

Lopez couldn’t make it as a combat engineer, yet we want to open up jobs in the infantry, ranger battalions, and other combat jobs in the military, jobs that some men can’t even perform themselves. We need to take back our military and continue conducting business the way we have for centuries.

Lopez said at the time about her enlistment: “It makes me feel really excited that no woman has ever done it before.” Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but don’t be too excited in jail.

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