Greenies and Earth Loving Liberals Just Got SLAMMED By Scientists Over THIS

Written by Wes Walker on February 7, 2016

The “science is settled” bullies have enjoyed a very privileged place in society for quite a long time now.

Billions of dollars in R&D grants pad their pockets. Mother Earth (in some form or fashion) is invoked exactly how others might say “god”. Displease her, and your judgment will be a Cataclysmic Extinction Event — but fear not, your sins can be atoned with sacrifices and indulgences … like ‘carbon credits’ or cap-and-trade.

In short, the Green Industry is big business. Very big. Big enough that it’s hard to see them as disinterested altruists, and easy to see them as meddling autocrats with skin in the game.

Now they face some pushback. And the place from which that pushback is coming endangers the status quo of the environmental cabal, because it is coming from within the scientific community, and from directly related fields of study. Worse, it is directly questioning the quality of the data backing up the popular claims.

THREE HUNDRED scientists are warning the US Congress about fraud perpetrated by the government’s own agency responsible for examining the changing climate.

What is the substance of their letter? First they name themselves by their various fields (many of which are directly related to climate). They then invoked the Data Quality Act, and state that NOAA is in violation of its own guidelines concerning objective and uncompromised scientific data.

The claim is that NOAA scientists have falsified temperature readings (citing specific instances on ship intakes, for example) to lend artificial support to their global warming figures. They also find discrepancies with newer and older data.

If proven, what is the consequence of this?

It means that billions of dollars of tax dollars have been taken from people and industries needlessly shutting down factories, or making North American factories work and a competitive disadvantage. It means that Al Gore is as despicable a Billionaire snake-oil salesman as Bernie Madoff.

It means we have needlessly punished impoverished nations by jacking up the price of corn by removing it from the food supply so we could use it to fuel our cars.

It means we have allowed people to rob us of freedoms in the name of eco-piety, because we let them shame us into obeying their fascist demands, and we failed to insist that they PROVE to us. We submissively let them shove their own version of morality down our throats.

It means we have been corrupted by group-think, and were bullied by peer pressure on a national level, all in the name of their pseudo-religion.

And worst of all… it means someone could do it again, with the “next” big idea.

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